Gregg- 8 weeks

I ran into my ortho surgeon yesterday while going into the┬ácafeteria at work and he said that it was “phenominal” how good I was doing. It definitely made me feel good but I definitely have my good and bad days. He just happened to catch me on a good one ­čÖé

Some days I don’t really have any problems except maybe some soreness. Some days that muscle that goes down to my knee on outside of my leg really hurts. Some days I limp, some days I don’t.

I have been running in the pool, swimming, biking a lil bit. I still go to PT twice a week. My hip is definitely healing and getting stronger but it also reminds me ALL THE TIME┬áthat it’s no where healed yet. Boy it takes awhile to for all those muscles and tendons to feel better and heal up.

Swimming exercises, aqua jogging, etc has helped more than anything. I love it.

I hired a running coach last week to help me with my running form (getting away from heel strike) and help get me back to running. We start this upcoming Mon with my training! I’m excited! We will do everything but run right now.

I’m starting to feel like an athlete again ­čÖé rock on…..



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  1. Rock on, Gregg — I’m watching your progress and looking at what’s ahead for me. Are you doing your pool jogging at a “regular” gym pool or is it part of your physical therapy? -Susan

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