Gregg- 6 Weeks

I just passed the 6 weeks mark and I’m doing really good. Going to PT twice a week, swimming a little bit, biking (stationary and outside) just not doing any hills where I have to stand up or put strain on my hip.

I have been alot more sore this last week because I have made it a priority to try and walk correctly with better form which has really taxed some muscles that haven’t been used in awhile.

Overall, I’m happy with my recovery. I put the cane away about 10 days ago and I also went back to work almost 2 weeks ago.

I have a target date of the end of August to possibly try and run some. That will be right at the 15 week area. I have another Dr appt toward the end of July and hopefully I will get a good report on my range of motion, strength and we will see how the xray looks (hopefully bone is fusing in good)

I can not wait to run! I’ve already hired a running coach to help with my form, strengthening exercises, cross training, etc. I have been keeping an eye on my weight to make sure I keep it under control.

I will keep you all posted!


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  1. Gregg you are doing great and you are on a healthy schedule. Jusr don’t rush it your body will tell you when you are ready. I like the idea of the running coach.

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