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  1. Greg, great to hear your progress. I was told not to do anything for 3 months after my surgery so not sure if you should be pushing it so heard so quickly. For the first year I only ran 2-3 times a week, each about 3-4 miles and all without pain. Last September I stepped up a lot in running and training and have been running 5-6 times a week with 30-40 miles on average. After my marathon in January I’ve had a lot of pain in my hip area, which I think is muscular but going to have it checked out tomorrow. My advise is to be patient, listen to your body and make sure you have plenty of rest.

    1. Thanks Dave! I appreciate the feedback. I just have to be more patient. I tend to get ahead of myself.

  2. Greg,
    Yes I would say that what you are feeling is normal. I wasn’t cleared to attempt anything for 3 months. Even then….it wasn’t until I hit the 1 year mark before I stopped thinking about the hip as much. Your body will tell you when too much is too much. As long as you listen to it, then feel free to test the waters. I echo Dave’s advice….be patient. Nice to hear that you are getting back at it.

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