3 months post-op, 1st jog

Today I have given myself the best New Year present. Right hip done in May 2019, left hip in September 2019. Both were THJR with posterior approach. I still have abductors weakness and a limp on the left, slowly improving. I am now able to reach the floor, squat, and use a rowing machine for the first time after 10 years of very limited mobility. Today (3 months after the second operation) I started alternating 1 min walk with 1 min jog,  finishing a parkrun in 33:37. That’s 13 minutes slower than my pre-op PB but what a great feeling! I will build up from here. Up and onward.

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      Today I have given myself the best New Year present. Right hip done May 2019, left hip September 2019. Both total joint replacements with posterior ap
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      Excellent news Pietro! Had my three month checkup last week (THR left posterior, had same to right in 2014) I was cleared to do interval runs and have begun 1 minute runs on the treadmill. Can’t wait to run outside again. Lots of snow here, and I’m leery of running on icy/snowy roads. Best thing we can do is encourage each other to exercise and maintain muscle strength. My PT said as long as I maintain muscle strength I should not need to worry about any more hip procedures.
      Good luck and have a Happy Running 2020!

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      Well done and good luck to you too Nancy. I live in a perfect place for all year round running, never icy, never too hot. I think you do well to take care of avoiding traumatic injuries, as that is far more dangerous than any issues from repetitive efforts. It is interesting to see how different OSs have different -in fact opposing- views about how to best preserve your hip joints, and how little data is there to back up such opinions. As I work in the field, though I am not a surgeon, I have regular conversations with OSs. Just the other day I had 3 of them in front of me. Their views? Ranged from “no restrictions” to “you shouldn’t run at all”.
      Also, if you look at scientific publications, I think the “consensus” published by OSs is disconcerting. Hypothetically, many OSs deem activities like cycling, tennis, and downhill skiing (!) as preferable to running. But they fail to comment on – in fact they seem to have no idea of real life risks of breaking your femur from falls from a bike, or twisting legs while skiing.
      Again – consensus taken by “opinions” at meetings, no data to back up. I know where I stand… running is probably better than all that.

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      Good to hear, Pietro and Nancy! I am scheduled for an anterior THR in 2 weeks, and I also have heard nothing but “don’t do it” regarding resuming running from doctors. Finding this community is a God send

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      I’m 73 year old female 4 months post R THR and 9 months post L THR and started a self-created walk-run program in early December. I did 5 min jogs/5 min walks working up to 40 minutes total then started to decrease the rest intervals until I reached 5 min jog/2 min walking. A few days ago I finally graduated to one continuous 20 minute run at a very slow pace. All of this has been outdoors on flat terrain since I live where it’s warm. I did the run/walks every other day or even every 3rd day and intermittently used an elliptical to help build cardio back up. It’s been a struggle but I’m determined to get back to regular running. I occasionally get some left hip flexor pain afterwards but otherwise no issues other than I’m out of shape. I’ve also gotten back to two 30 minute strength training sessions a week. Any suggestions re further progression?

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