Gregg- Day 16

I graduated to a cane today! Ah, it is so much better than the walker. I seem to be getting a lil better everyday. Hip not as painful as it was. I’m sleeping better too.

My pain pills have went from 8 a day down to 3, so I’m happy with that. I plan on getting outside and walking tomorrow with my cane. See how far I can go. Would love to get a 1/2 mile or even a mile maybe. We will see.

I really have to work on my side or glute muscles, the dr had to split my glute down the middle during procedure to gain access to my hipbone. He then sutured it back. It is extremely weak. During my PT today I couldn’t do one of the exercises at all. My therapist had me lay on my good side and try lift my left leg and I couldn’t get it up AT ALL. It was frustrating. I’m good in all the other exercises except that one. So, I have some work to do.

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4 thoughts on “Gregg- Day 16

  1. Gregg
    Sounds like you had a posterior hip replacement (going in from the back) Vs my anterior approach (front). Each one has it advantages and limitations. For an exercise try standing in front of your sink in the kitchen and while holding on to the counter swing your left leg outwards. This will help with the range of motion and also add strength. Later you can add balancing on your left foot. Keep up the great work and keep us posted on your recovery.

    1. Thanks Doug! I’m not sure about the posterior or the anterior. Doesn’t the glute run from the backside to all the way thru the side? I’ll ask my doctor. Yes, that exercise is the hardest one for me but I’m doing.

  2. The anterior approach runs down the front of the leg and lifting your leg while in the seated positon hurts in the groin area. Where you have it in the back of the leg and have more problems lifting out to the side. like i said both have advantages and disadvantages.

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