Anterior Rt THR on Nov 1st

Hello all.  Well I did it.  I had a Rt. THR using the anterior approach on Friday Nov 1st at 7:45AM.  I was very nervous the morning of, but I was joking with my surgical team the whole time.  That is my way of dealing with the anxiety, works for me.  I got spinal anaesthesia with sedation and was completely out for the procedure.  The soonest I remember coming out of sedation is 10AM, but who knows it was probably earlier.  My doctor said that everything went well, and they were close to having to do a transfusion because of blood loss.  But they didn’t have to.  One of the things I was most worried about was when coming out of sedation you can still be numb from the waist down for some time.  Basically you are paralyzed until it wears off.  My buddy said that he was like that for an hour and a half and he was freaking out a little.  Well I was happy when I woke and found that I had feeling and movement in my legs.  Big relief for me.

Physical Therapy comes to see me about 12 Noon and they get me up to start walking.  I go to get up and feel moderately dizzy.  I’m sure this was due a combination of anaesthesia, blood loss, and the pain killers I was on.  I know one of the requirements to leave the hospital is being able to make this walk so I want to complete it.  I stand up and the physical therapist is telling me to stand for a minute to let the dizzyness subside.  Well I just take off down the hallway.  So he straps a belt on me and follows me down the hallway.  I had to concentrate so hard to keep the dizzyness at bay, lol, but I made the walk.  I also had to go up and down this step, and was able to do that as well.  While I was up, the nurse mentioned that I also had to pee on my own before I can leave. so I decide to  waddle over to the bathroom to try to pee.  I’m in the bathroom with the physical therapist behind me while trying to pee.  Well, I knew stage fright and anaesthesia were gonna be my enemy here.  Needless to say I couldn’t pee.  So I passed the physical therapy and layed back in bed.

So the nurse comes over and ultra sounds my stomach to see how full my bladde was.  It was full.  The nurse said when it gets that full it likely won’t vacate and they need to run a catheter.  Great.  So they run a catheter, which is not the most fun, and 1 liter of urine comes out.  So the nurse keeps bringing me black coffee and juice and we are gonna try this again.  Maybe a half hour later she ultra sounds me again to discover that I have close to another liter in my bladder.  She was threatening to catheter me again and I was like hey-o-no.  I told her to close the curtain and give me some privacy, I’ll work this out.  I knew I wouldn’t pee with her standing there.  I got out of bed and grabbed the pitcher and was relieved when I started to go.

I passed all the tests and I was in the car by 2:30 PM heading home.  I have to say that everything at the hospital went really well.  A lot of my fears were on the paranoid side for sure.  I look back at the time I had with the nurses from pre-op, right before surgery, and to post-op, and there was a lot of funny stuff that went on while interacting with them.  Not strange funny, but haha funny.

Well I was talking to Will, the police officer who is 4 weeks post op and posts on this site, and he put my mind as ease with a lot of the stuff.  Spot on too.  First 3 days were rough.  Not a whole lot of pain, but just tired and dizzy all the time when standing up.  I looked at my post op blood test results and I could see  I was slightly anemnic.  Probably the reason for the dizzyness and exhaustion.  Just walking down to go pee was so tiring.  I think this was due to blood loss as well.  I started eating ground beef and kidney beans with one goal in mind and that was to replace the iron.   Today I feel much better and actually pushed my walker to the side and started using my cane.  I also stopped using the oxycontin after 1.5 days because I was constipated and was starting to get extremely nervous about having a bowel movement.  Well I finally did and boy was I relieved.  It was miserable though.  So I decided to just take Tylenol because I didn’t want to go through that again. YOU WILL GET CONSTIPATED ON THAT STUFF.  Tylenol did an adequate job of reducing pain as well.  Like many have said, the pain is not that bad.  No where near as bad as a bad hip day.  I also noticed that I became a little less nauscious and dizzy when I stopped the Oxy.  So stopping the Oxy was a no brainer for me.  Today I was up much more, and for longer periods of time, and even ventured outside.  I walked out my garage and went up and down my driveway.  Used my cane, not my walker.  Dizzyness was really the reason I stayed with my walker.  I wanted the stablity of the walker.  Feeling better today and can’t wait to see how my recovery progresses.  This site has been very helpful.   I’ll keep updating, I’ve typed enough.  Lol



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      Hello all.  Well I did it.  I had a Rt. THR using the anterior approach on Friday Nov 1st at 7:45AM.  I was very nervous the morning of, but I was jok
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      Hip Brother Tom

      Great report Shermdog. It mirrors my post op experience……except that I fainted. Glad to see you are up and at it so quickly! Keep us posted on your progress!

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      Glad things went well and my advice helped. My fears were likely paranoia as well. I also had difficulty with the urination thing, but fortunately my nurse let my wife bring me a giant coffee and that did the trick. Sorry about the catheter, but at least you got out of there quickly. Great work on the pain meds too. Stick to the PT and the next few weeks should be a piece of cake. I’m finally starting to get back to normal and already notice less fatigue with my new hip. Keep us posted.


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      How’s everything going with recovery? You’re at 6 weeks now, I hope you’re doing well. Let us know.


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