It’s Official – I am Bionic

 Wow!  Piece a Cake!  I’m hopped up on morphine and I’m wearing some funky compression socks.  A machine is taking my blood from the surgery site, cleaning it and then putting it back in.  Then another machine is compressing my calves and forcing circulation (vascular compression).  Life is good.  The anesthitists did a great job numbing me up.  I feel nothing.  Absolutely nothing…but I am completely alert.  Hanging with my wife Colleen.
These are the funky compressions socks I have to wear.
Nick and Cathy (Both in Blues) Nick is an intern and Kathy works with Dr. Stacie. The nurse in the back - I forgot her name. She too was very nice.
Nurse Tim will be taking care of me this afternoon.
Dr. Stacie – My Anesthesiologist – No Pain

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