Welcome Hip Runner Gregg

Gregg Ellis – Ultra Runner

WE HAVE A NEW MEMBER OF THE CLUB.   Gregg Ellis is an ultra runner who is 12 days past his new hip replacement.  He is going to be posting regularly about his progress.  Welcome Gregg!

Here is what Gregg had to say…….

I’m an ultra runner from Calhoun, Ga and I just had a hip replacement 12 days ago. I have been reading hiprunner.com for the last couple of months and it has really helped me during these tough times. I was diagnosed with a vascular necrosis about 9 months ago and it progressed rather quickly. It went from stage 1 to stage 4 in less than 4 months. I know I already had my surgery 12 days ago but I would like to become part of the club and to start writing about my progress/setbacks etc.


Watch for Gregg’s posts….soon…..



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