Christmas Cleanup

So with the help of my youngest son (Tommy – You’d love him if you met him), we got the ladder out and pulled down all of the Christmas Lights on the house.  It’s funny, these lights took 4 hours to put up and only 20 minutes to take down – love the quick clips.  Then we were off to the Christmas Tree.  Ornaments down, lights stowed away and all remnants of Christmas packed up and stored in the basement.  This was  a major task that I wanted to have completed before the surgery.   I even had enough time today to go launch some model rockets that the boys (Daniel and Tommy) got for Christmas.  Hip or not, I can still scale fences to retrieve wayward rockets.  Relaxing now.  The house is ready.  About the only other thing I need to do is turn all of my shoes into slipons by loosely tying them tight.  Anybody have any velcro shoes?  I always wondered why they were so popular with the older crowd…..hmmmmm Velcro Running Shoes….hmmmmmm……….I think I might be on to something.

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