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I’m 51 years old and just had THR on August 28, 2019. After one week I’m walking cautiously without a cane. I’ve run over 60k miles since the mid eighties. I feel really confident that I’ll be running again within 2 months. My plan is to start Nordic walking, followed by eliptical, and then light running!

For those thinking about THR – anterior- the surgery day was easy and I was released the same day. I’ll be honest, the next 3-4 days were rough. You will have to deal with pain. But after that initial period it got a lot better. I’m now back at work for half days.

So far I would recommend this to anybody.

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      I’m 51 years old and just had THR on August 28, 2019. After one week I’m walking cautiously without a cane. I’ve run over 60k miles since the mid eigh
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      Wait 4 months. The prosthetic are porous, your body literally grows into them. If you disturb this process, scar tissue builds up, and you will no longer be comfortable. Sadly, I overdid it, and now have a hard time walking up 5 flights of stairs, without significant soreness.

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      I waited 4 or 5 months before running again too. I just didn’t feel ready before that. Now back up to pre-op mileage (actually a lot more because I’d suffered hip pain for years really before getting the THR in 2016 and that meant I couldn’t run nearly as much). Just entered my first ultra (50k) for July next year.

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      Ok, great advice. Do you think elliptical training is mellow enough to start doing prior to the 4 month mark?

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Nice post run runpilotfish! Stay optimistic….and as you’ve been informed… patient! 🙂 Listen to that hip and give it a break when it tells you too. You are right about the recovery pain. But I have to say, it wasn’t as bad as the pain I was experiencing in my hip prior to surgery. Good luck on the recovery.

      Hip Brother Tom

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      I agree, wait at least 4 months and do all the exercises and get your leg ready to run. I had my Right hip replaced July 20, 2018. I was 44 yrs old. Never thought I would run again. I started slowly in mid November 2018 and kept doing all the exercises and did a lot of training on an elliptical. By March 2019 I was running again at full speed and getting all my mileage that I use to do. In April 2019 I was able to climb the Koko head in Hawaii. Those steps were brutal but I did it with my twin brother who is also a runner and beat him up by 10 minutes. You will be surprised and you will fully recover. I am 14 months post op and the hip feels great and smoother then my other hip. The rematch with my brother on the Koko head is 9/26/2019. I will let you know how it goes.

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      Dave Whiteside

      @Jennywren Good luck with your ultra, I’m sure you’ll do great and we look forward to hearing how your training is going and of course a post race report.

      @runpilotfish I started running at 3 months, but didn’t do anything more than a 3 mile run a couple of times a week for probably 9 months or more. Everyone is different so it’s important to listen to your body. If you don’t feel great, cross or strength train, it will pay dividends in the long run. I’ve overdone it twice in the last 10 years and have had to stop running for a year each time. Now I follow my own advice I’ve been running longer than ever and pretty much injury free for the last 2 years. Good luck with your journey.

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