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Dear all at Hiprunner

7 months and 5 days after a right sided total hip replacement I have just competed in the World Sprint Triathlon Championships in Lausanne. My hip performed perfectly, no stability issues and no pain.

My swim speed had been relatively unaffected anyway, however my cycling and running has been significantly improved post op, it has taken 20 years off of me!

Triathletes have a saying “Nothing is impossible”, well I’m not too sure about that, but I do know that it is possible to compete on the World stage, post hip op.

Good luck to everyone with your own personal goals.

I have attached a picture taken this Saturday, 31st August 2019.


PS. My operation was on 26th January 2019, full right side replacement, ceramic on plastic. I was swimming after 3 weeks, cycling after 4 and back running after 12 weeks and I’m 53 years old.



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    Dear all at Hiprunner 7 months and 5 days after a right sided total hip replacement I have just competed in the World Sprint Triathlon Championships i
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    Hi Adrian – impressive! Top half of the field so soon after your op, you must be very chuffed. I looked at the results to see how 70-74 age group performed, as I am coming up to 69 but can’t swim freestyle yet, and they are not that far away from my running and biking performances. Swimming is hard, though, and I don’t enjoy it particularly…
    I have a BHR resurfacing L hip from 2014 and a THR ceramic/ceramic R hip from 2017, both times I was back to parkrun and biking within 8 weeks and have managed sub-24 minutes for 5k a couple of times, currently around 25 mins due to offroad projects in Wales and Derbyshire spoiling racing speed…
    Good luck in future events – have you come across Alan Lightfoot? He has a BHR and competes triathlon, he contributes to the Surfacehippy website, as do I.


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      Pete, thank you for your comments and yes I have come across Alan and have raced against him in quite a few events. Good to hear that you are running well, although I don’t think you would have relished the course in Lausanne, it was a non wetsuit swim, hilly bike and a run with a 20% radiant hill that even the top triathletes walked up! I haven’t come across the surfacehippy website but I will check it out. Keep trying with the swimming as it would be great to see you in the age group triathlon circuit.

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    Hi Adrian, that’s great to hear you got back to racing triathlon at a great level ??, I’m 7 weeks after a right THR, and just getting going on the bike trainer and swimming, any tips for getting back to running, as would still like to get back to doing a few races as I was getting into 70.3 racing before hip finally had enough

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      Stephen, I started running (ish) again after about 8 weeks. The approach I took was that I would take the dog for a walk to a park and once at the park I would shuffle/run 10 steps and then walk for a minute or so and then repeat until I had shuffled/ran about 10 times. The following day I would shuffle/run 11 steps, 10 times and so on until I got to 25 steps and then I discounted the number of steps and would shuffle/run for a minute and then walk recover. After a while I was running a few minutes non stop and then decided that in May I would run 1k non stop, June 2k, July 3k etc, however by the time July came around I could actually run 5k, so I did. Everyone is different but be careful of changing your running style to pose/forefoot, as usually recommended for hip replacements, as it often results in calf injury, as it did for me and will set you back. However I do recommend a midfoot landing on cushioned shoes such as Hoka’s. Good luck and I hope it all goes well for you.

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    Hip Brother Tom

    Fantastic Adie! And great pic also! Nicely done!
    Hip Brother Tom

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    Dave Whiteside

    Hi Adrian, looking strong in that photo. Great to see you competing at such a high level. I agree anything is possible and it feels so great to be out and competing. Good luck with your journey.

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    Thanks for advice fellow triathlete Adie, will take that advise on board and part of my build back to running. Going to take it slow as I forgot sometimes 13 miles is quite a long way 🙂

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