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I was diagnosed in 5/17 with osteoarthritis — it is probably easier to tell you where it isn’t located instead of where it is located in my body.  In 8/17 I had my right knee replaced and have made it a year without complications, except now my left hip has gone from bad to worse.  As only most of you will understand, I have runs scheduled during the winter and don’t want to cancel, so I scheduled my replacement for 4/17/19.  Any and all suggestions are welcome.  I have the Marine Corps Marathon on 10/28 and then my “fun” Disney runs in February and April.

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      I was diagnosed in 5/17 with osteoarthritis — it is probably easier to tell you where it isn’t located instead of where it is located in my body.  In
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      I completely get where you are coming from! I did the same thing. My last marathon was in November of last year, I ran Surf City 1/2 marathon in February and my THR was March 30, 2018. The only tragedy (to me), was that my November 2017 marathon was to have been my BQ and I missed it by 10 mins due to my hip pain. The 1/2 Marathon in February was just out of stubbornness. I had my worse time, but still finished in the top 1/4. If you can halt your speed and performance expectations, I say GO FOR IT! These won’t be your best races, but run it out all the way, since it’s coming out anyway 😉
      I had my THR on March 30 and I ran again (3 miles) on June 25th. I run 15ish miles a week now and will start training for Surf City 1/2 in about 4 more weeks.
      The best to you and Run On!

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        Thank you. I have already adjusted my expectations for the marathon. My goal is to finish upright. ?. I still have pain pills from my TKR last year and will bring them with me to DC. I don’t plan on scheduling any runs until 2020 which should give me time to rebuild endurance.

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      Hip Brother Tom

      If you can take the pain, go for it. The only drawback to not doing it sooner is you will be missing some prime running weather during your recovery time. I had mine done in the middle of winter. Recovery didn’t feel so bad then…. 🙂 Good luck!

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      Thank you. I had already planned to take the summer of 2019 off from training. This past summer with the heat and humidity almost did me in. I planned on running the Dopey Challenge in 2020, but may not have enough training time, so still on the fence. I also have pain pills leftover from my TKR, hopefully I won’t need them.

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      HI Tam,
      I totally get it. I had my right hip OA diagnosed in 2013 and changed the way I ran to keep on moving. I switched to jog walking, mid-heel striked when I ran, took anti-inflammatory pain meds and during race day carried a tramadol to take when the pain got worse and a few times I got a steroid shot if I was going to do a marathon or destination race. Did 2 marathons and the jog walking and taking my meds really helped. Before my THR in July 5th I ran 7 half marathons the year before to get doing races out of my system. Since I couldn’t have anymore steroid shots and my pain was getting worse, I got my THR. I recovered great and quicker than the average person…probably because Im a runner. My doc doesn’t want to run at all but I beg to differ. I’m walking now, can do a 16 min mile and have walked a 10K distance. I fell great—no pain!! I’m doing my first destination 5K walk in Indianapolis soon. My comeback half will be the Orange County half marathon, my last half before my hip replacement in May 2018. I will do enough jogging then to get that medal though I won’t take my first jogging steps until 1/1/2019. So just manage your pain so you can do your races, enjoy them and then after your surgery, take it easy with your recovery and then you’ll be back on the road in no time. Good luck!

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        TY. My Ortho is completely fine with me running again. I made it through the Marine Corp Marathon with the help of two Norco pills. It wasn’t my best time and not my worst, but happy to finish. I am planning on the 2020 MCM as my comeback marathon with some tune ups that Sprint. I plan on taking my time and not rush given that I was also told my right hip will be the next to go. Getting old really isn’t for sissies.

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