Bill and Missy

Throughout the fall I have been staying in good contact with Bill and Missy.  I had the honor of coaching their kids in Cross-Country.  Missy had a double hip replacement during the fall.  I’ve had lots of questions for them and they have been very generous with information.   It has been very good for me to get real information from people who are in the trenches.  Missy has expressed more than once her concern that my active life style will get in the way of my recovery.  I have heard her and taken notice.  In the grand scheme of things….3 months is just a drop in the bucket ‘o life of mine.  They have been instrumental in helping me to understand the way that my day-to-day routine will change for a while.  They’ve given me good good info  on things I may need for rehab, from long shoe horns to special devices to pick things up (they tried that and nixed it) to suggesting I bring a cot to work (I probably won’t do that).  I feel more prepared now thanks to their input.

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