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      Has anyone heard of, had or researched having both THR’s at the same time?
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      Yes, I had bilateral THR on January 3 of this year. The first week was a bear, it wasn’t so much that the hips were the problem, it was that the trauma to the body to have such an invasive procedure, times 2, I had a hard time with nausea, not being able to eat, the swelling around your entire hip area, no place for your junk to go when you sit on the toilet. If your in really good shape they will consider doing it, I had to have an ultrasound on my heart just to make sure my heart was healthy enough, as your under anesthesia for not quite 3 hours. Just after the surgery I would have said don’t do it, 4 months later I’m glad I did, I’m already training for a 99 mile Mt bike race in June:)


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      I really wanted them but my doc wouldn’t agree. He DID do them just 28 days apart, 2/14 and 3/14 this year and I’m quite pleased. Walked 5 miles yesterday and again today. Included a bridge today (how we Floridians do hill work).

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      I wanted both hips replaced at the same time also but glad I didn’t do it. It’s a lot all at once – and I didn’t need the other hip done, I was just desperate and hoping to fend off what I thought was the inevitable. Recovery is challenging enough with just one hip replaced. And now I’m 2 years out, almost, and the un-operated hip is just fine. I’m sure my doc wouldn’t have done it anyway, not at the very same time. Too much time under anasthesia, too difficult a recovery, too much immobility.

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      I also wanted my doc to do both hips at the same time, but my physician refused, stating that this is not an ideal option for otherwise healthy young people. My doc only performs bilateral hip replacement for immobile seniors. I was told that as long as a patient has a relatively healthy leg to stand on, it’s one at a time. My doc requires 3 months minimum before 1st and 2nd surgery. Now at week 5 post surgery #1, I understand why. I was told that it can take up to six months for the pelvis to settle after a THR.

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