Last workout with the SDP

Just an example of what TRX looks like.
Just an example of what TRX looks like. Those ladies are not members of SDP.

I had my last practice with the SDP boys last night.  We did TRX.  TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. By the end of the class, it’s safe to say, we were all resistant to TRX.  Actually, we loved it. It was comical.  A bunch of runners doing planks and pushups.  Listening to Andy and Alex grunt and groan made the whole experience bearable.  At one point it was hard to tell if Alex, with his face buried into the floor, was crying or laughing.   Tye the TRX instructor sized us up at the start of the class and gave us one hell of a good core workout.  As we’re all sweating and groaning, he’s enthusiastically telling us that this is the 3rd class that he’s taught today.   Today I can feel the workout.  It’s a good feeling.

It’s amazing what $50 for six months will give you.  That is the token price you pay to be part of the SDP.  TOTALLY WORTH IT.  Every week we meet for a workout and then occasionally  we’ll grab a beer afterwards.  During these winter months, we’ve done some non-running stuff like working with physical therapists to improve running form, TRX Workouts (woohoo), and pool workouts.  Such variety!! I really am surprised that more of the SDP members don’t take advantage of the non-running workouts.  The workouts have been fantastic, but the camaraderie of the group is what I will be missing the most during the recovery period.  There is not one “heady” one in the bunch.  We all meet to run and to work hard.  Last night was no exception.

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