Senseless Tragedy

I have never been preachy.  I started this blog to use as an outlet and a distraction while I recovered from my total hip replacement.  Today I am using it as an outlet again, but not for anything health or running related.  Today, I was reminded how small and miniscule my worries, pains and concerns are compared to others. Today a tragedy beyond comprehension occurred in Connecticut that resulted in the loss of many young school children and several adults.  It is haunting me at this moment.

A young and disturbed man came into a  classroom, and then proceeded to kill kids at random.  Some other adults were killed as well.   WHY???!!!  How could someone’s soul become so dark that they would be willing to act out in this manner?  I want to try to understand the motives of the gunman and what caused this senseless act to happen, but it is not working.  HOW COWARDLY!!! HOW SELFISH!!!!

I’m a coach.  I’m a father.  I revel in the way kids teach me about the joy and excitement of life through their sheer wonder of the little things in their world.  But today, I hurt for the children who died.  I hurt for their classmates who had to witness the terror;  many will be scarred for life for what they were exposed to today.  They were just babies!!!! And the thing that tugs at me the most is that there are many parents who will not be able to hug and kiss their child tonight before bedtime.

As simple as it may sound, I’m imagining those babies…in God’s arms, laughing, giggling, and feeling safe in his warm embrace.  That is what is getting me by at this moment.  Admittedly, I don’t sit down and pray too often, but I’ve said a few today.  If you have a moment …. say a prayer for those children, their parents, and every single person on this earth who was affected by the acts of this one disturbed man.

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