Running isn’t work for me….

Every day I drive by a billboard on my way to work.  It is an advertisement for positive changes through hypnosis.  I never really read the billboard closely until yesterday morning.   It was a question that said…..”What if you really liked to exercise?”.  Really?  It actually made me realize that the “thing” that I take for granted, the “thing” that I like to do on a regular basis, the “thing” that keeps me centered… not the “thing” for a lot of people.  Instead its a chore.  Wow….all I can say is lucky me.

I received news from soon-to-be hip brother IRA who just completed his last run before the big day….(Monday)……here’s what he had to say…

I completed my last organized run before surgery and I  was satisfied. It was a brisk, sunny and slightly breezy day that made for good views of the City of Philadelphia and the Camden NJ waterfront from atop the Benjamin Franklin bridge. I finished the Run the Bridge 10k in 1:15:17.  Penguin speed, but not that much off my usual time.  This should hold me over until I am well enough to begin running again.  I will miss the annual Turkey Trot and Jingle Bell runs but I look forward to participating in these and other events with a new and improved hip.”

He is going to keep us posted on how he progresses.  He also asked me if I was put completely under during my hip surgery.  I thought everyone was completely out when they had hip replacements.   Apparently his doctor mentioned something about an epidural?  Wow!  Can you imagine that?  Being awake to see the miracle of a Total Hip Replacement happening right before your eyes?  To hear the sawing….to feel the pounding…..If I could do it all over again….the REBEL in me…….WOULD-STILL-WANT-TO-BE-COMPLETELY-OUT!  There is no FREAKING way I would want to be witness to that.  I posted what REALLY HAPPENS in this post.  IRA.  If you are awake during your surgery….then I am shaving off all of the hair on my chest and mailing it to  you.  Simple as that!  All kidding aside.  IRA, I wish you luck.  As you you know…I’m optimistic that you’ll have a swift recovery……Please let us know how it goes….



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  1. I also had my hip surgery with an epidural. However, I chose to be sedated and remember nothing. This method eliminates the risks and after effects associated with anesthesia. Some people are affected by the nausea from general anesthesia for many hours or even days. Also, the numbing effect of the epidural can last for many hours after the surgery which is a plus. I was very pleased my surgeon offered this option.

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