Noon Time Workouts

There are few things better than noon-time workouts.  It feels great to go out halfway through the day, burn off some endorphins and come back to work refreshed.  Noon time workouts give me a chance to start my workday all over again.

Today I had the perfect noon workout.  It is November 5th and unseasonably warm.  It was the kind of day that allowed me to forget that I was running.  I ran downtown along the river into Riverfront Park.  The sun was shining down on me…it felt sooo good.  I just soaked up the autumn colors and let my mind wander.   When my workout was finished, I sat and stretched in the warmth of the sun….dripping with sweat……my mind was still wandering.  I was thinking about the race that I committed to this morning.  I will be running in the USATF Open/Masters XC Championships at the end of the month.  It was just 2 years ago that I ran it for the first time.  I was happy to run the 5 mile course in the 29’s on that day.  What will I do this time?  I am an optimist obviously, so the time that I declare is NOT the time that I hope I will get…but it’s a goal.  I am aiming for sub-32.  That’s not terrible, but it’s not terribly fast either.  I also have a goal for 2013 which I will declare on the 1 year anniversary of my hip replacement.  Its nothing too extravagant but it will be a good goal to start training for in 2013.  You know, life is short.  I figure I’ve got a total of 100 years of life to live.  I want to pursue the years that I have left with youthful vigor.  With  a year of rest under my belt, and a new hip to boot,  the youthful optimism in me is telling me that it won’t be long until I will be back to my old running ways.

The hip?  Oh!  The hip!  Well, I have to admit, taking a week off sure felt good.  If I had to guess, I’d say the hip is at 95% now!!  Good thing.  I’ll be playing basketball in a winter league soon – first game at the end of the month.  Things…..are getting back to normal.


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