It’s back! 2nd Annual Global Virtual One-hour Race – had my best longer run yesterday since hip replacement

Good Day eh,

Hey all you apex predators, I had my best longer run since hip replacement yesterday. I went 25K with a bunch of kms under 5-mins-per-km, for an avg of 5:19. I think I could have been around 5:10, but I am wary about my calves still. Very happy.

I have run up to 30K with a group we call TNLW for Tuesday Night Late Workout. It used to be that we would start at 9:30 PM and run 90-minutes to three hours over very hilly terrain, into the forest trails, and through back yards and over farm fences. Now, we are softer with a 6:30 PM start, but we still go to three hours-ish. Now with the social distancing protocols, we do a shotgun start. Everyone puts beer out and we leave our respective domiciles at 6:30 PM. We do a running tour around town to each other’s houses and sample the fare (quickly). So, my 30K run, has had six quick beer stops…..

Several Hip Runners ran in the Global Virtual One-hour Race last year. Well, it is back! Details at link:

2nd Annual Global Virtual One-hour Race: 39 days to the start

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Dave – Long Haul 100 (K not miles)

Unfortunately yesterday was meant to be, my right foot that I injured 3 weeks ago running bridge repeats reappeared at mile 21. It feels like a broken bone on the top of my foot but I was still able to push off and felt strong to mile 35, running 21 minutes ahead of last years’ time and on target for a sub 19 hour finish, having to tell myself to slow down several times. I thought about quitting at 31 at the end of the third loop as I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish but I pushed on hoping it would go away. At mile 41 my gait had been thrown off and both ankles felt bad, my right hamstring my right hamstring was tight and my right knee and glute were complaining. I wanted to quit but Luis who was crewing me wouldn’t let me and gave my foot a massage and put some icy hot on it and I went out again. It felt good for about 2 miles but I think that was because I sat down for 10 minutes. I thought about quitting again as I came back into the hub but decided to continue to get 50 miles in, some painful moments but I pushed through. At mile 51 the end of the 5th loop, I passed Jeff I told him I was done, I had ran 30 miles on an injured foot and it wasn’t getting better, Brian told me I was listing to my left pretty badly . When I got back to my cooler Luis had different plans and had my change of shoes and socks ready and some tape for my foot, David had turned up early ready to pace me for 2 loops, Cindy was also there for another so not wanting to let anyone down he taped me up and off I went again.

Luis was doing what I needed him to do, trying to get me to the end and making sure as best as we could that it wasn’t anything serious, I thank him for

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Hi, I’m 2 months post THR. Before the hip started to deteriorate I was very flexible at yoga. I would like to regain at least some of that flexibility (it helps my running). Does anyone else have experience with yoga post-THR? I tried a beginner floor session today but it was too uncomfortable. I ended up doing a senior chair yoga routine but it was too easy. Suggestions would be welcome.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

When is the right time for THR?

Hi All,

My name is Brent and I’ve been visiting this site for over 5 years now ever since I was first diagnosed in Aug 2015 with Stage 2 osteoarthritis in my right hip. Thanks to Brother Tom for his inspiration and foresight to create this forum. I recently turned 50 and like so many in this community I’ve chalked up my fair share of marathons and ultras. No need to be specific except to convey that I love the dirt, endorphins and sense of freedom running provides.

Here’s the scoop – I finally set a surgery date for March 23rd. Honestly, I still don’t feel 100 percent that I’m ready. I guess does anyone really feel ready to have their femur lopped off? At this point I’ve been steadily going down hill the past 4 months. I have been running 18 – 24 miles a week but literally grimacing through the pain. And yes, like everyone else the pain shifts from the hip, to the butt, to referred lower leg pain. My off days I bike or use the elliptical and that still produces some discomfort, but, nothing compared to running. Long story short – I crave the need to get my heart pumping daily. My concern is that it has grown increasingly more painful to flip over in bed at night and deal with the referred leg pain during my daily routines. Ironically, some days are just fine – others painful and full of limping.

So herein lies my conundrum. Do I hold off doing the surgery until I can’t run anymore and am down to biking, elliptical and short walks? That sounds depressing or do I be somewhat preemptive and stick to my surgical date? I fully realize it will be months before I will even consider running again until the implant has properly fused with my femur. I know I will go back to running regardless. I’m just curious to know from anyone how they knew it was the right time?

Thoughts anyone . . . .???… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Finally making progress

This is really just a progress report. I had a THR in early May 2020. For a month post op, effectively I had no pain and really very little discomfort. When my one month post op visit occurred with my surgeon, he noted that my femoral implant had subsided about 5mm. Putting me back on basically bed rest with minimal walker maneuvering each hour, for another month. Second visit presented better x-rays and he put me on a cane for 2 weeks.  When I came off the cane, is when the discomfort began. It really was not joint pain, but muscle pain in my hip flexors and in my vastus lateralis. I used Tylenol and Ibuprofen to deal with that pain. Finally now, in January it seems as if all is improving a little every day. I am walking, cycling and working my legs in the gym. I pray that I can begin running again by the end of January.

The recovery period does come to an end. I am looking forward to running again.

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Surgery Date

This week I travelled down to Anchorage to meet with my Dr who will be performing my total hip replacement surgery and I got a date, February 15th! My official diagnosis is Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI), I have excess bone formed on the edge of my femoral head that has completely worn down the cartilage in the socket which is now bone on bone. He will be performing an anterior surgery using Ceramic/plastic as well as a pressed in knit stem in the femur. This type of stem is not cemented in place but is pressed and allows the bone to grow into the stem. We had a lengthy conversation regarding materials and considering my desire to return to running this was the best choice. Now I have a little over a month to get ready for the surgery and post surgery. One thought is how to prehab?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

“5K on New Years Day” walk

Hello Everyone,

I’m pretty new here. I had a THR on 10/08/20–posterior, with a cobalt and chromium ball and the Stryker Modular Dual Mobility socket. Since I am double jointed and accustomed to a range of motion far beyond normal, my surgeon thought (and I agreed) that I needed a dual mobility socket. This was my second surgery in 2 years on the same hip. I broke my hip in a bicycle accident in 2019. It was initially repaired with 3 screws. For awhile my recovery was going well, but then I had a major relapse. X-rays showed that I had developed avascular necrosis, and the only treatment was a THR.

I have been walking every day, slowly building my endurance. It has taken longer than I had hoped. I had to let go of some goals, because it was obvious that my body just wasn’t ready for them. The goal that I was able to hold onto was to be able to walk 5K by New Years. I am happy to say that on New Years Day, my partner and I went out to a local Rail Trail and we walked the 5K without difficulty! It feels like a big step on the road to recovery.

Question: Since I had posterior surgery, I have been dealing with 3 months of hip movement restrictions. My 3 months will be over in a few days. For those of you who had posterior surgery, what was it like when you were finally able to bend your hip past 90 degrees? I have a feeling that my soft tissues will be very stiff and not want to bend. Were you able to just bend, or did you have to spend weeks or months stretching out? How careful do I still need to be not to dislocate my hip? Any thoughts would be most welcome.


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THR December 1 feeling strong.. Prep for running?

Hi my name is J.R.  I am 59 years old and had a THR on December 1,2020.  Prior to surgery my hip pain limited my cardio to 30 minutes on the stair climber, 10 minutes of intervals on the elliptical and 5  three minute rounds on the heavy bag (3x a week)  Up to a month before surgery my resistance training workout consisted of 6 super-sets and 3 individual stations.  Among other things,  I was doing cleans, dead lifts, leg presses step-ups all of which engaged my hips (2x a week)

My surgeon is an excellent technical surgeon who used the anterior -lateral approach.  Unfortunately , he does not support high impact activities like running.  After an agonizing and extremely painful first week I was walking unassisted on day 8 post surgery.  By day 12 I was walking  1/4 mile with ease and no pain.  I am now 29 days post surgery and I easily walked 2 miles and my cardio workout is 7 three minute rounds on the heavy bag and 20 minutes of intervals on the spin bike.

My questions are:  What should I be doing to best prepare to run again?   How long should I wait before I start incorporating  jogging a few steps into my walks?   What warning signs should I be on the look out for that may indicate I am pushing it to far?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Two resurfaced hips


I’m 68 years old.

I had a right BHR hip resurfacing in 2014-no problems with running again after several months.

In 2020, I had my left hip resurfaced (BHR- same surgeon) 3 months ago. Rehab was going well with PT and walking/stationary bike/some elliptical/aqua jogging.

3 weeks ago I had left hip pain. A non-displaced femoral neck fracture was diagnosed. Pin placement was the treatment chosen. I am using a cane now-2 weeks post pin placement.

I plan to continue PT, it has been very helpful.

What type of exercise can I do now after pin placement?

Will I be able to run again?

I plan a Jeff Galloway run/walk/run approach when a couple months have passed.

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New hip for Christmas

Got a new hip for Christmas! Well I had been contemplating it for a couple years …. despite the awesome running weather in our Florida winters, the only time I could be away from work and it’s not going to hit me directly in the pocketbook (during the Christmas – New Year’s time-frame). So here I am, about 80 hours post surgery and I was able to walk about 10 minutes today with a walker, 20 minutes of basic rehabilitation exercises, and attend a Christmas Eve church service. Now the immobility and pain are at least a “moderate” while doing nothing to “significant” when I attempt to move my left leg. I had a posterior approach done; plastic ball into titanium cup. Local orthopedic who I’ve known for years and lots of trust there! So while I am optimistic, I know that it is early and I am journaling my experience on my progression. This blog post has been an awesome resource because as many of you have said, there is no definitive information out there as to our athletic futures and we all are indeed “experiments of one“ -George Sheehan. One thing that is easy to “glance over“ from the numerous authors is the description of the pain… It is real! do not underestimate what you were going to feel like as I am still only 80 hours in! Merry Christmas and happy running to HipRunners!

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Merry Christmas (and other sundry season greetings)

Merry Christmas all you apex predators. I am not going to bore you to tears with my year because I could write a 10,000-word treatise.

But quickly:

I organized the 2020 Pan Am Cross Country Championships or more accurately brought all the right people into the room to organize it. It was very successful. Some people were calling it potentially the greatest small international cross country champs all-time. Sadly USATF president Bill Roe died on the mountain with us. But it was otherwise a wonderful weekend. Of course, you can read all about it at Athletics Illustrated. And see all the post-race interviews that I did. It was the last international meet or any meeting before the pandemic hit. LUCK!

My running has gone okay. I did get a few 100K (62-mile) weeks in, but five times this year I have run into calf issues. So, now I am on a two-month stretch of no calf issues at about 40-miles per week 65K….not quite…..will grow that volume properly this time.

Merry Christmas to everyone (or whatever your respective seasonal affected celebration is labeled — enjoy).

Feel free to join the Athletics Illustrated Strava Club (and the Hip Runners one too of course).

See you at

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Coming Back to Hiprunner

Evening all,

Ok, it’s been 10 years since my THR on the right side….off and on I’ve thought about running again, but have been terrified of damaging the hardware and/or femur.  I’m not looking to run marathons….maybe just 15+ miles a week – something to get back to those wonderful endorphins, again.  So, question – how are so many of you able to run again knowing that you are, most likely, reducing the lifespan of your hardware?  Is it a risk vs. reward thing, only?  Do you mitigate that by running mostly on a treadmill to lessen the impact?

Really – how do you do it?  …..because I really want to….

any advice would be great – I’ve not run in 10 years and I miss it every day…

Cheers –

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Dave – 10 year hip anniversary running 3,000 miles this year

When I had my hip replaced 10 years ago I wasn’t even a runner. I was someone that played soccer until I was just over 40 and then did nothing for almost 10 years before having my hip replaced. I started running to lose some weight and pretty soon fell in love with it and it’s taken me on an incredible journey. I’ve had some downs but those were due to me not listening to my body, but the vast majority has been in the “runners high”. I’ve met some great people along the way, runners with incredible talent, runners with incredible patience and runners with incredible stories. There’s always something to learn along the route, take time to absorb it all and don’t take it for granted.

I’ve ran 2,000 miles for 4 of the last 5 years and if you had asked me if I thought I could run 50% more in one year I would have said no, but as we know 2020 hasn’t been a normal year. I place much of my success to being surrounded by great friends that continue to motivate me every day, to following a keto life style allowing my body to recover quicker than it would otherwise, and also to running slow.

I hope my stories that I’ve shared have encouraged you a little to go the extra mile, to run after being told you can’t, and to enjoy your passion. I wish I would have found this sport when I was young and wonder what may have been, but for now I continue to push and refuse to let age slow me down. I’ve still won several races this year, set course records and new PR’s and somehow get faster. That will change, but hopefully my passion for this won’t.

Wishing you all enjoy the holidays, stay safe with your family and hope that 2021 is better for all of us.

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It’s time to get my other hip replaced!

Hello everyone,

I got a total hip replacement on my right hip back in May of 2018.  Like I’ve said in earlier posts, it took me over a year to start feeling like running was ok after surgery.  I’ve had a great year running so far this year.  Lots of adventuring in the mountains of Alaska.  Ran some 5Ks under 18 minutes and even qualified for Boston again in August with a 2:59 marathon.  However, my other hip is very arthritic and it’s to the point where it’s affecting my sleep and getting around isn’t much fun anymore.  My Doctor told me it was just a matter of time before I had to do my other hip.

I’m just curious how many of you on this forum got both hips replaced and how is the running with 2 hip replacements?  I definitely would love to get another year of running before surgery, but I just don’t think it’s possible.

Any advice would be great!

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New Member

Hi everybody, I’m Chris and new here. A couple of weeks ago (three?) I went in to a local sports med Dr (He is quite good)to have to my left hip examined because of extreme pain, he diagnosed me with hip dysplasia and told me I needed THR surgery. The X-rays were all the evidence I needed, nearly all of the cartilage in my left hip is gone and the bleach white of my bones showed the obvious contact points of the femur ball contacting lower down on my pelvis toward the pubic. I am an ultra runner, I’ve been running most of my life with the usual gaps of disinterest when I would become involved in other sports like, rock climbing, mountain climbing, ice climbing etc. I returned to running in 2014 and found a life in the ultra running scene in 2016. I’ve since ran in a slough of ultra’s from 50k up to 100 miles.

Last year in October of 2019 I was running in the Javelina Jundred 100 mile trail race about 50 miles in I began having hip pain, grinding, aching debilitating hip pain. Pain was shooting down my leg to my knee. I was slowed to a speed walk and by the time I reached 80 miles I had missed the final time cutoff and dropped from the race. I took the winter off thinking I could recover with rest. It did help and when covid struck I found myself out of work and my health insurance at risk of not getting paid I decided to forgo the Dr appointment, my hip felt ok again, no rush. I ran through spring and summer and the pain gradually returned, after my longer runs over 20 miles I would have to be inactive for a couple of days afterwards until the pain subsided and run again.

This process came to a head in early September, I couldn’t handle the pain any more and stopped running. Finally I got off my butt and went and saw a Dr, and now you are all caught up. I’m going … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Hi, I have just joined HRs and this is my first post. I found your club when I was searching for long distance running after a hip op. I had my first hip resurfaced in June 2017, and my second was done in January 2020.  So many people out there who want to continue to be active after hip surgery -who knew!

I like to run triathlons, and have been since 1987. I was able to complete my first tri after my first op in November 2019, unfortunately that was the end of my other hip. Rather than wait around in pain for another 5 years, I got the right hip resurfaced straight away. I have since retired (thanks CV19!) and with all this new found time I am training for a full Ironman for June 2021. My surgeon said, sure, no problem, that’s why we did hip resurfacing rather than THR.

The problem is my hips still really really hurt when I run, and I am hoping to learn from the experiences of the people in this select club what is normal, what is not? Is it too soon? It looks like there are a lot of people who run long distances, and I would very much like to know how long  it took to get up to speed for a full marathon. I see there is even an ultra-runner who has done a 100miles on his, so I am encouraged it can be done. But how??  The only way I can manage to run at the moment is to keep it slow, really slow (7.5 min per km /12 min per mile). I have managed 12km this way. The minute I go above this pace, ouch.

I have been running since about August (my second hip seemed to take a lot longer to heal), its nearly Christmas now, and June next year suddenly doesn’t seem very far away. I wouldn’t say I’m panicking, but I have just signed up a triathlon coach in Australia (I am Australian, living/  locked-down in Malaysia), and I’m hoping that he can get … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Knee pain – THR was July 1, 2020

Hey everyone, thanks for all of the comments and input on my initial post in August.  I started doing some light and short jogs during September, always alternating with walks. I also do some biking, swimming, strength and core work. I had no issues so I increased my slow run segments. I experimented with different run/walk segments as I felt some pain mainly in the groin area during and after longer run segments. I communicated with a long time running coach who felt I was doing way too much so I backed down considerably about a month ago. I am now doing either 2 min runs alternated with 1 min walks, or 1 min runs alternated with 30 second walks and doing over 60 minutes of running every other day.  Yes it is a lot of segments but it is still very enjoyable to do some type of running. My issue recently is I recently began to feel pain and stiffness in my right knee. Not so much when I am running but afterwards, particularly if I am sitting for awhile. I have been doing some light weights with my legs (leg extensions and leg curls) to see if strengthening it will help but so far it is not improving it. Have any of you ever had pain/stiffness in the knee below your THR? If so, what did you do to relieve it? Thanks in advance for your input.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Very Post surgery

Debra here, 65 year old female athlete who just had THR surgery 9 hours ago. It”s 2:00am, I’m in the hospital and can’t sleep ! The pain is more than I thought it would be. Had an Oxi a hour ago, and one 4 hours before that  but hasn’t really helped. I have a friend , male who just had it done 5 weeks ago, same surgeon, same procedure, he felt great. Just Tylenol, no oxi. I thought I was in good shape but feel helpless! I know it’s early, but want some input!  Thanks for reading…


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