Convincing Spouse It’s OK to Run

Hello everyone,

I has left THR in October 2019 and everything is is great. Still have a little swelling every now and then which I was told to expect it. My concern is that my Ortho recommended that I don’t run again. A couple of months ago I reached out to my former Ortho (unfortunately he’s at Virginia Tech), and after extensive research, it was his opinion that I could run 20-25 miles per week but mainly on soft surfaces. I shared this information with my wife and she said ok, but did ask what if his opinion was no more running. I told her then I would have taken his advice to not run.

My question is, have anyone encountered reluctance from your spouse, how did you address it?




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New to Hip Runner- Anterior THR 7/09/20

Glad to find this site.  I’m 51 and have been a recreational runner for 25+ years,it’s the one exercise I really like and there’s no feeling like after a run.

About 3 years ago at 47, i started having pain in groin/hip during runs, but I’d typically finish the run.  Early, it was something that was not consistent, so I thought it was something that would go away.  Thought it might be lower back, allignment etc. I finally got an MRI which showed no cartlidge in left hip, and recommendation was THR.   I stopped running completely about a year ago, and found that although I couldn’t walk without pain, I could do Stairmaster, Elliptical or Stationary bike without pain, or without much pain.

Finally, I decided, the pain was too much and limiting even normal activities.  Seemed like there was a cloud, and bad days with the pain were really bad.

I’m now 2.5 weeks in and feeling really good. I walked for 40 minutes yesterday.  My goal is to get back to being able to do hard elliptical workouts (HR 120-140,) at 4 weeks. I miss exercise, but I love being pain free. I’d love to run again, even if it’s only 2x a week.

That being said, I’m prone to overdoing it, and I don’t want to make any mistakes early that may hurt any healing and cause a revision in the future.

I like reading that people were actually running pretty early into recovery.  Hope to be there soon.




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Ironman to Hybridman

Very depressed at the ripe age of 52 after succeeding at long distance tri’s and ultras such as Ironman and OMM to have required a RTHR (posterior) in February this year (my last run was a marathon in July 2019 when I was a limpy painful mess at the end). Now 5 months on I am running (jogging) up to about 5 miles, cycling about 25 miles and swimming when possible. All amazing stuff given the major surgery but hard to believe I could ever return to more than recreational exercise. Limitations factors for now are fatigue and stiff/ aching from hip/ low back but I guess this may improve further. How do others get through the stiff/ achy layer? Any tips? And how do you avoid the fear you might be wearing out the bionics given the general advice not to run etc?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Dave – Amby Burfoot “PROFILE–At 60, Dave Whiteside is running fast ultra-marathons with a hip replacement”

New at “At 60, Dave Whiteside is running fast ultra-marathons with a hip replacement.” Not just fast, but he also recently logged a 200-mile training week as part of the Race Across Tennessee. Whiteside doesn’t follow the well-trod path. He went Keto several years ago, believes he can improve his marathon and ultra-marathon PRs, and generally chooses a full, energetic, challenge-filled life over just getting along. Read the full story.(Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Like, here’s the dealio, chump

I thought that would get your attention. Nice headline, eh?

So, don’t forget that the HipRunners ran quite well as a club at the Athletics Illustrated Global One-hour Virtual Race. Wasn’t far off the other teams and I know two of the teams stacked their rosters late – HipRunners had the lead for awhile. Results are at Athletics Illustrated. Age-graded results are coming soon.

Also, the results from the survey that many of you participated in is located at Athletics Illustrated too. Check out what the consensus is – use the search bar for results of the race and survey and speaking of surveys, can I get your opinion on a few things: doping, Kanye running for president….

Update on myself (with my THR, right side, anterior, ceramic on poly nearing 3.5 years):

FINALLY have consistency. Had a decent summer (after a decade off) last summer getting to about 75K per week before calf pulls wrecked me for about six months. Off and on. Now over the past couple of months, I have a bunch of 80K weeks, one at 100K. Longer (not “long” until they are 20 miles/32K) runs of 20-25K.

Ran a 5K time trial in 21:57 with a couple of wrong turns and things – so figure I could have run 21:40, at age 54 that age-grades me to about 18:30-18:45, which 30-40 seconds off of my masters personal best, so happy!

Been running Arthur Lydiard out-and-backs during the base phase over the past six weeks. Have improved almost every time. 3K warm-up, 3K warm-down and 30-minutes as fast as possible without straining and then turn around see how long it takes to come back, should be negative split. HOWEVER, we do very slight downhill to 6K or so, so the return is tough and we run even or small positive splits, which I think is fine. If we ran the other direction, we would have big negatives and falsely accuse ourselves that we are brilliant. No sense being more deluded than already.

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Hi All,

I’ve been reading the posts here for about 6 months and I have to confess that it’s this group that really made me feel ok about moving forward with my replacement. I had the left hip (anterior) approach done on May 22nd – am a Triathlete (3 Ironmans, countless 1/2s and sprint distances), trail runner (all distances including 50ks) and marathoner (Boston Finisher), 55 year old female…AND I didn’t want the “fun” to end ALREADY! So thank you all for inspiring me and helping me get this new lease. I’m 5 weeks out, still have some swelling in the upper thigh area, but if you didn’t know wouldn’t be able to tell that I had a replacement – I’m walking  3-5 miles/day, swam (the pools are open now!) already and am just waiting for the healing process to really do it’s thing so I can slowly start running again (I’m not in a hurry…I’ll take my time). I look forward to posting more about my personal progress and in the meantime enjoy reading about the progress of others. Thanks “HipBrother Tom” for starting this site!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)


Hello all,

After 5 years of pain I finally had THR of my left hip last week, two days before my 58th birthday.  Very early stages of recovery but so far so good.  Started PT this week and am able to go on short walks.  I had taken up trail running about 6 years ago and it quickly became a very important aspect of my life, both physically and spiritually.  I was averaging 30 to 40 miles per week and had done some racing, 10k and 25k.  Enjoying reading about everyone’s journeys but have yet to come across anything regarding trail running /  racing.  I’m curious to hear if anyone has had any issues regarding their implants with trails.  I enjoy fairly technical mountain type runs and am eager and determined to get back in the game.  Let me know your thoughts..


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Birmingham HR 5 years now

Hello, Hip Runners!

I have run, and enjoyed many other sports for 50 years now, my first Boston was in 1977, and I have run about 125 ultras, about 70 trail runs over 50 miles.  I figure about 80,000 running miles over the years.

Although I have not posted for several years, I have been active and enjoying my left hip, a Birmingham Hip Resurface, done in 2015, at age 58, 8000 miles ago. was an inspiration when I was 58, and needing a hip, and you were there, THANKS!  That was a blessing, I only missed a few months of playing, and returned almost 100% since then, until now.  I Grand Slammed (I think the only one with a hip to ever do that, and within a year of the surgery);  Since then, I have run about 30 ultras including some hundos, all of my marathons have been BQs, I have played at inline skate marathoning (89 minutes), raced cross country ski ultras, alpine climbing and cycling are going great, play volleyball and run too many beer miles, hung with my running clan as  President of my running club.  There has been lots of living large, I am thankful for the time, resources, and most importantly, my health.

That said, I kindly could use the counsel and the wisdom of this great group again.  I am having big problems in recent weeks, with my metal on metal Birmingham, even though my mileage is way off, and there has been no long runs and certainly no ultras for me for the first time in years….. After running at any pace for 3-5 miles, there is pain, dull pain. Seems to be near the joint. Enough pain creeps in until I have to pull up. Walking helps a little, but stopping is the quicker answer. I can very soon, in a minute or so, start running again, like nothing happened but it returns sooner than before, much sooner. Next day, it is like starting over. Xray is good. Volleyball, biking, sleeping, are all pretty good. Just a problem with distance … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Post THA and running again!

Hi all!

I had a THA on 3/20/20. Guess the timing of my surgery was perfect: just a few months after finishing a marathon (in great shape – except from for the hip of course) and just a few hours before all elective surgeries were stopped and the whole country more or less shut down. The timing has made it possible for me to stay home and focus on recovery – I usually travel every week for work. I did all the PT as asked, and walked as much as I could. Recovery has been going remarkably well this far (even if there of course have been up and downs) and at 6 weeks(!!) post surgery I was cleared by my doctor to start running again. I’ve eased into the mileage with small increases every week and now I’m doing 4 miles, 3 times a week. My goal is to regain speed and get back to doing half marathons (my normal distance). It’s so inspiring to read all your stories and knowing I’m not alone out there on the trails. Thank you all for sharing successes as well as struggles!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Subsidence of femoral implant

I am about 6 weeks post replacement.  At 4 weeks I had my first post op visit and my x-ray indicated about a 5mm subsidence from the original position of the femoral implant.  Dr. instructed me to basically repeat my first month post surgery routine for another month.  I am about 2 weeks into that period and feel very well.  Just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this and what your outcome was.  My intension, like most of us, is to be back on the road preparing to run my next marathon (Marine Corps– October 2021). Do I need to be concerned at all?  This experience has pretty much been pain free to this point.  Thank you very much.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Hip Resurfaced 6/12/20

I had my right hip resurfaced at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC on 6/12/20. Dr. Edwin Su and staff did an amazing job.  I have metal-on-metal non-cemented joint. After one week I am feeling great! Surgery was late in the day so I stayed over night and was released the the next day.  I had no reaction to the anesthesia (I had both epidermal and general).  I have experienced only minor pain and discomfort and minor swelling.  I have not used any pain medication, not even Tylenol! I feel less discomfort and have more mobility each day. Last night was the first night I was able to sleep in just about any position.

Dr. Su wanted me to be walking a mile after two weeks. I walked my first mile today with only a cane, one week ahead of schedule.  In-home PT is going well.  The only medication I am on is the anti-inflammatory and aspirin to prevent blood clots).  My goal for this next week is to start walking without the cane.

About two years ago, around the time when I was starting to realize there was something wrong with my hip and running stride, I signed up for the Antarctica Marathon for 2021.  The Antarctica Marathon has a very long wait list, so 2021 was the earliest that I could get in.  At the time I figured any physical issues I was experiencing would be resolved, like every other running injury I ever had,  well before 2021.  By the time I was diagnosed and tried other methods of relief and therapy, it was March 2020 before I could get surgery scheduled.  Then unfortunately surgery was delayed until June 12 due to Covid-19.  I told Dr. Su of my goal to run the Antarctica Marathon and he said he would help me get there.  So that is still my goal with only eight  months left until the marathon.  I have not run a marathon in over two years and have done very little running of any kind in the last year. So my plan is to take … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Early success and now it is time for a break

Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all surviving this crisis that COVID-19 has created.  If there has ever been a need to be able to get out and run, it is now.    It’s been over 8 years since my hip replacement and it is time’s like this that I am thankful that I am still able to get out and run.  One of my annual events that I help to coordinate and take part in is Spokane’s own Lilac Bloomsday race.  For Spokane, it is like the formal introduction of spring to the community.  Everybody, walker and runners alike, gathers together on the first Sunday of may, to run the 12k (7.46 Mile) Bloomsday course and welcome in Spring as a community.  The race hosts around 40,000 people each year…….except this year.  This year the streets were silent and the race was postponed.  We are hoping to host it later in the year (September 20th to be exact).

While the race didn’t happen, some Bloomsday diehards decided to run on raceday anyway.   These diehards included me and a bunch of the guys from my training group (The Spokane Distance Project).  We had all been training through the winter months to run a 50K race on the west side of the state (The Chuckanut 50K trail race in Bellingham, WA).  It would have been my first endeavor into racing a distance longer than a marathon.  When we learned that that race was cancelled due to Coronavirus, we traded out our long slow trail runs for some more up-tempo shorter workouts to prepare for Bloomsday.  We assumed/hoped that Bloomsday would take place.   When we learned that Bloomsday was postponed, we decided to run the course anyways on the day of the planned race.  We chose to go out earlier than the official race start time to avoid any crowds that might have had the same idea. 

It was a blast.  My training paid off and I finally was able to put in a race with race splits that averaged under 7 minutes for the entire length of the course.  … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

THA 6/1/20

Had a THA Left on Monday 6/1/20 and anticipate the right being completed mid-August.  Only on aspirin and Meloxicam currently (stopped the oxycodone on Thursday).  Had some ups and downs, but think I may have turned the corner today (Saturday).  I know everyone is different, but when did you start feeling normal again.  I had general anesthesia, which apparently my body didn’t care for, so will have the spinal when the right hip is completed.  Just now beginning to feel like myself and wanting to eat.  Nausea was a big problem after the surgery.  Trying to walk as much as my body will tolerate and doing my PT which seems to get easier.  Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

THA 6/1/20

Had my left THA on 6/1/20 with general anesthesia – quite a bit of nausea associated with it.  Finally feeling like myself today (Saturday).  The right hip will be completed in mid-August and will opt for the spinal instead of general anesthesia.  So far I have been walking as tolerated (went from the walker to the cane on Thursday.  Walked in and out of the bathroom without assistance, so feeling a bit more confident.  A question, when did you feel comfortable not using the elevated toliet.  They gave me a portable one and not just the elevated seat (wondering if I should just purchase an elevated seat.  Walking and PT as much as my body can tolerate and trying to stay up during the day.  Any helpful hints or suggestions are very much appreciated.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

New Member

Hi all –

New member here.  I have lurked for a while while I was deciding what to do about my osteoarthritis (both hips).  I did PT, but nothing else.  I eventually decided to get total hip replacements, and so far I don’t regret not trying some of the many other options.

My surgery was originally scheduled for April 1, but COVID got in the way.  Now I am scheduled to have my right hip replaced tomorrow, and assuming all goes well my left about 3 months later.  I am both excited and a bit nervous, but I feel like I have a good doctor (Dr. Kreuzer of INOV8 in Houston) and I am ready to start this new chapter in my life.

I am embarrassed to say I don’t know much about my new hip, other than it is “small ball” and ceramic, which Dr. Kreuzer chose due to my age (61) and desire to get back to running.  He told me I could do whatever I want post surgery, run, bike, ski, as long as I felt comfortable, and said they should last 30 years.  I was so ecstatic to hear that (I had heard many different things, including OF COURSE you shouldn’t run on your new hips)  that I didn’t ask many other questions.

I will ask tomorrow what I am getting – I am hoping they are the Nike Carbon Fiber 2000’s.  😉

Thanks to all of you who have inspired me and given me hope.  I will keep you posted and can’t wait to begin running again.  I have missed it so.

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Global One-hour Virtual Race

Oh wow – what fun.

Thank you to all of the Hip Runners who took in the Global One-hour Virtual Race – what a gas.

The Hip Runners led the team event for a week, which really motivated two Vancouver Island, long-running and tough clubs to get going. The point spread looks like a lot of you are not familiar with cross-country scoring, but they are not.

Carolyn Rosner won the women’s elevation gain category and put the scare into some of the Comox Valley Road Runners who live next to a mountain range. They love mountain running. Dave Whiteside and Tom Fuchs led the Hip Runners with strong performances. You can see all of the Hip Runners in the results. Thanks everyone.

By the way, I could have helped the Hip Runners a little bit. But I dropped the ball – hilarious.

So I registered with three teams: Hip Runners, TNLW and Prairie Inn Harriers. I made three attempts and bailed on the first two. The third one, I warmed-up for 10:30 slowly, as you do. I had it in my mind to remember to mentally add 10:30 to whatever elapsed time that the Garmin showed. Then I lost all the brain sugar from the effort and when I got to around 48-minutes I was thinking, “just 12 minutes remaining, I am going to finish with 12.3 to 12.4 kilometres run – enough to get some points for Hip Runners.

Of course that 10:30 warm-up at 6:30 pace was included. So I stopped at 60:00 and you can see that the first 1.8k is warm up on my Strava. DOH! Total Facepalm.

The silver lining is that the runs were a tremendous stimulus for the top of the aerobic range or mid-range lactate threshold or right at the Aerobic Threshold. Can’t get better stimulus than that.

Thanks, everyone for jumping in. Check out the next unique race thing coming up. It’s pretty cool:

See results here>>

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Dave – A new milestone – 200 miles of running in 7 days

I can’t believe I’ve just ran 200 miles in the last 7 days and also walked 15 miles on top of that. A friend of mine ran that distance 2 weeks ago he said why don’t I do it, I thought about it and said no way, the maximum I thought I could ever do was 140. I didn’t think any more of it as a weekly goal but knew last week I had planned to run a lot of miles to finish the #GVRAT (The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee) before I go on vacation May 30th. Every time I thought about finishing in that time I kind of dismissed it, I knew it meant running a marathon a day for 2 weeks and some longer runs on top of it. As this weekend (Fri-Mon) came around I set myself an ambitious goal of 31, 42, 42 & 31 miles which would leave 3 more marathons for me to finish the 635 miles in 28 days on May 28th, and hopefully a Top 100 finish (out of 19,000+). Yesterday when I was running I knew back to back 42’s was going to be really tough both mentally and physically, so I decided to run 50 miles yesterday so it would only require me to run 34 today, so much easier. My usual weekly mileage is around 45 miles, but during this pandemic it’s been higher around 70 miles. Last week was a new high for me with 108 after the previous weeks 92. It was only yesterday when I looked at Strava that I realized if I ran the 84 miles it would bring me to exactly 200 miles, kind of weird that it worked out that way. Fingers crossed the next 4 days will go to plan and I can finish this race without injury and then enjoy a 9 day break from running. This race has been fun but pushed me way outside my comfort zone, and this heat and humidity is no fun, but at a 10:02 pace it’s been an amazing journey. 105.76 … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)