How to maintain my native hip

Hello Hip Runners,

I joined because I’m interested in what you all did for your hip before THR.  I’m a multi sport athlete and enjoy running and cycling on all different surfaces.  This summer my hip started hurting , probably b/c I was doing too much of everything during lockdown. My ortho says the hip is arthritic and will eventually need THR.  So, I want to keep running and delay THR as long as possible. I’ve been able to run 1 or maybe  2 marathons per year and would love to run another 1 (or 10).

I’d like to hear what people did to limit pain and keep hip function. Yoga? Meds? Shoes ? Etc.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)


Hi All! I am new to the site and excited to share from my experiences and also to learn from everyone.

I just had my right hip revised two weeks ago from MoM resurfacing to CoC THR – surgeon says it’s the worst metallosis he has ever seen.

Anyhow, recovery has been great, so far.. Just a lot of noise from the hip, clicking, popping, and almost a rubbing sensation – no pain however. Surgeon says there is a lot of fluid in the joint and it will take time for it to be absorbs and replaced with tissue.

Anyone with similar experience? I know it is early, but after (5) hip surgeries the fear factor has increased 🙂… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Getting nervous

Hi everyone, this site has been a huge inspiration to me, thank you all for taking the time to share your stories.  I’m just over 2 weeks out from total right hip.  I’ve run at least a mile every day for the past 3+ years and it has become such a part of my life that giving it up the streak has been the hardest part…that is until crutch/walker training yesterday.  Things became real and I’ve been feeling very nervous since.  Everyone keeps talking about how much better I’ll feel after surgery, even with surgery pain, but it is hard for me to wrap my head around that.  Thanks for reading and keep posting good things to help those of us about to begin our journey!  – Brian… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)


Hi All

looking for a bit of advice. Had THR ( right hip ) 12 months ago exactly. A year prior to the op , I was a sub 19 min 5 k , sub 40min 10k , training approx 50 miles a week. Decided on advice to give the hip 9 months to recover and resorted to walking 10km a day to keep fit. Every so often I would jog 2 miles just to see how it felt, but to be honest it took the 9 months before I jogged the 2 miles and felt no pain. So in July I began slowly running 5 km every second/third day building to 8 kms four times a week up till two weeks ago. Then I started to get piercing pain shooting from top of my thigh down to my knee after 3 miles bringing me to a stop by the time I got to 5 mile mark. I took last week off and tried again yesterday, but it’s still there. Have I done damage or is this something I should “ run through “. All was going so well. I’m gutted to be honest. I know I will never run like I did before ( I’m 44 ), and that kills me, but I was happy losing weight and trotting around @ 9 min a mile pace. I feel like giving up.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

12 days out from THR Anterior – regarding supplemental naturopathic care

Hey folks,
Quick personal history – injured SI and iliolumbar ligaments doing deadlifts 14 yrs ago & ended up with  sacroiliac joint disorder (hypermobile pelvis). I tried 2 yrs of six different unhelpful PTs. Then one full yr w/a great PT who focused on glute strength & MET to keep me aligned consistently. Then one full year of prolotherapy/dextrose injection to ligaments to tighten them (avoiding sacral fusion surgery!), then 8 yrs of success (woohoo): backpacking, daily dog walks, distance backroads cycling, and light trail running, plus Pilates and PT work throughout each week to maintain firing, balanced muscles.

2 yrs ago I started more hill running and more miles = groin pain. One year of prolotherapy to hip & increased glute work helped. The second year my progress stopped entirely.  I had a THR on the right 12 days ago due to aging and collagen loss (I’m 49, thanks perimenopause), and excess friction from the original injury (lax ligaments), which left me with a solid CAM impingement and hip osteoarthritis.

The reason for my post: if you can, see a naturopathic physician one month before your surgery to get pre and post op supplemental input on how to support your system through surgery. I am already walking without a limp and my swelling is just about gone. I was able to stop narcotics on day 2 and cut my pain meds in half on day 7. I’m down to a few ibuprofen a day. There are very specific vitamins/minerals/herbs/homeopathies that support the immune system, tissue repair, liver (to help deal with all the anaesthesia meds and drugs), swelling (this is a big one), pain, and good digestion despite meds…not to mention good sleep and mood.

I’m shocked each morning at the dramatic step-level improvement this early post-op and super grateful my sister went to an accredited school to become a naturopathic doc.  (Don’t see a night school naturopath! The real ones go to school for 8 yrs, dead lab, licensing, all that.)

Just a suggestion since surgery is hard enough as it is. A little extra care to complement … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Slow Process

Hello again,

I thought that I would give everyone an update on my progress.

57 years old, was trail running and racing prior to surgery, 700- 900 miles per year.

THR mid June 2020.  Surgery went very well.  Began PT 3 weeks afterwards and was able to perform all requirements relatively easily.  Therapist mentioned that runners generally are able to do very well with post surgery PT due to the fact that they are in such good shape.  Around early August, approaching 8 weeks post surgery, I began to develop intense pain when taking weight off of my leg.  Pain would shoot down my quad and last for 30 seconds or so and would gradually diminish as I walked.  Went in for x-rays the end of August which showed the implant looked great.  No movement at all.  I was told by my surgeon that for whatever reason I was healing slower that what is considered “normal” and to hang in there.  He stated that if I was having this type of pain in January he would be more concerned.  I’ve gone back to work, 8 to 9 hours on concrete, which I am sure is not helping.  I do notice though that the more I walk and get warmed up, the pain is not as bad.  That being said, when I do sit down for a bit and get up, the pain returns as I put weight on the leg and take weight off of the leg.

This has been very frustrating for me, as I am so ready to be without pain and to begin some light running / hiking.  If I compare where I was 4 weeks ago to now that there has been some progress.  I’m realizing that willing the pain away or trying to ignore it and go about my day just is getting mentally draining.  No choice but to take it one day at a time and hope things continue to heal.  I am interested if anyone has had a similar experience?

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Surgery complication

I’m 56 and an avid runner. I had an anterior THR on my left side Sept. 11. During the surgery, my surgeon cracked my femur (accidentally, of course). This is a drag but not a huge deal. It basically sets me back six weeks while I let the broken leg heal. (I can’t put any weight on the leg for six weeks.) If others have experienced this, I’d love to hear what the rehab is like after those six weeks are up. I’m assuming (and hoping) I’ll make rapid progress, as most of the pain from the surgery will have healed. Thanks!

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Is recovery any different after a bilateral THR?

Hi everyone,

I had a bilateral THR on 7th Jan 2020, at the age of 57, so 8 1/2 months in now. Bone on bone impingement in both hips plus osteo arthritis, could still compete in veteran’s races up to 4oom last year, but **** painful by the end of the races!

Intent is to get back to competitive running (at least at some level), fully supported by my consultant. Ceramic on ceramic uncemented (which I’m assuming is the same as unglued), so was under strict instructions not to run for 3 – 4 months after the op to allow the bone to grow into the implants. I started a 2 month “couch to 5k” course (does that exist in the US?) at the beginning of May, and have gradually built up the running since. Now up to 15 – 20 mile / week, maximum distance of 6 mile. Still slow, although the sprinting capability is coming back faster than the endurance running (much to the disgust of the athletes I coach, when I can now outsprint them during track sessions!).

First race in a year on Saturday, 5k on the road up in the Olympic Park in East London. Hoping to go under 28 minutes, but we’ll have to see how it goes.

Anyone out there also had both hips done at the same time? If yes, how has your recovery gone? I still get muscle soreness after exercise, but reading the other posts on here, that is not uncommon for anything up to 12 – 18 months after THR.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

3 months post surgery – my first run

Three months after my hip resurfacing by Dr. Edwin Su at HSS in NYC.  Rehab went really well.  Very little pain.  My PT was very impressed with how well I was doing a week after surgery.  I attribute that to how fit I was going into surgery.  I have been running up hill on trails and up the stands at the local high school stadium for the past month.  But yesterday I ran my fist mile on the track.  It went well and I hope to start increasing mileage.  I am enrolled in the Antarctica Marathon in March so I hope to be ready providing it doesn’t get cancelled.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

The Violence of Sugar

Okay, so personal update:

Have had multiple calf pulls, because I am too eager once I start sniffing a sense of fitness. I have had some stretches of eight or 10 weeks of 40-65-miles (60-100K), but then inevitably I get a pull — back at ‘er now.

Loving the 30-minute out and back on the same road, at max effort, but not quite max, great low lactate threshold, high anaerobic threshold workout. It’s a Lydiard things and for more context feel free to contact me.

Okay, so I just did this massive interview with a medical oncologist/athlete with unique perspectives, colourful language and frankness on the Violence of Sugar — yup!

Must read:

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THR on July 1, 2020 – working my way back – any input?

Hey everyone, I am very pleased with how things are going after my surgery. Historically, running had been my primary form of exercise after playing college football and other sports, and I had run for 44 years. The pain in my right hip began about 20 years ago but it did not significantly limit my running and other activity until 2018, which was my last year of racing. After my last race in October, 2018 and a series of 3 PRP injections I got into long distance walking to see if my hip would somehow recover. I never had surgery before so I wanted to put it off. I got up to 10 miles per day walking plus elliptical, biking and strength training. But the pain in my hip got much worse earlier this year so I decided it was time for the THR. The first week after surgery was really tough but by day 8 I was walking with a cane and by day 11 I walked about 1.5 miles with the cane. I religiously did the PT exercises during session and also while at home. I ditched the cane 15 days after surgery and I have steadily worked my walks up to an average of 9 miles per day and I am also doing elliptical, biking and strength training. I had my follow up x ray 2 days ago and my surgeon says all looks really good. He recommends everything but running because he discourages high impact on the joint. But with the encouragement of this group I want to work my way back to running, even if it is only recreational.   What are your opinions on when I should try to run again? Any suggestions on what I should do when I try to run again? I tried some light jogging for only 30 seconds at a time while running last week but I felt pain in my groin area, so I decided to wait and try later. Thanks to all for your input, Greg… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Dave – Back to back wins and a new course record. 60 years young.

Summer in Florida with temperatures in the 90’s and feels like over 100, who would consider running ultras in this heat. Welcome to the Summer Slam Series, 3 races that take place 3 to 4 weeks each with unique challenges.

First up was the Lake Baldwin 50K in Orlando, 10 loops of a 2.5 mile loop around the lake on a tarmac path for a total of 32.5 miles. Going into this race I hadn’t trained as much as I wanted, after running the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee, I took a 9 day break on my vacation but fell while fishing running to grab a rod with a Snook on it. My first run back I could feel my knee that I landed hard on and it then effected my hip, I think I jarred it on the impact. For the next couple of weeks every run felt off and I wasn’t planting my left leg firmly. About a week before the race it started to feel better. The race starts at 8:30 in the morning, so it is already very hot with minimal shade on the course, but at least every loop you can stop and refuel before heading out again. A strong group of 5 runners kept together for the first 3 laps (me, Andy, Jeff, Bruce and Jason) setting a good pace, with Luis starting in a later wave, any of which could win the race. I fell a little behind from the water stop and had to catch the group back up, when I did I pushed the pace a little but was caught again by the time we entered the aid station area again. Jeff ran through and had a nice lead with Andy next and me third. I caught Andy at the end of the next loop and was now chasing down Jeff. I caught him about a half mile before the end of loop 6 and was now in first place, a lead I would not give up. It got real hot with a feel like over 100 degrees and that started … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Convincing Spouse It’s OK to Run

Hello everyone,

I has left THR in October 2019 and everything is is great. Still have a little swelling every now and then which I was told to expect it. My concern is that my Ortho recommended that I don’t run again. A couple of months ago I reached out to my former Ortho (unfortunately he’s at Virginia Tech), and after extensive research, it was his opinion that I could run 20-25 miles per week but mainly on soft surfaces. I shared this information with my wife and she said ok, but did ask what if his opinion was no more running. I told her then I would have taken his advice to not run.

My question is, have anyone encountered reluctance from your spouse, how did you address it?




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New to Hip Runner- Anterior THR 7/09/20

Glad to find this site.  I’m 51 and have been a recreational runner for 25+ years,it’s the one exercise I really like and there’s no feeling like after a run.

About 3 years ago at 47, i started having pain in groin/hip during runs, but I’d typically finish the run.  Early, it was something that was not consistent, so I thought it was something that would go away.  Thought it might be lower back, allignment etc. I finally got an MRI which showed no cartlidge in left hip, and recommendation was THR.   I stopped running completely about a year ago, and found that although I couldn’t walk without pain, I could do Stairmaster, Elliptical or Stationary bike without pain, or without much pain.

Finally, I decided, the pain was too much and limiting even normal activities.  Seemed like there was a cloud, and bad days with the pain were really bad.

I’m now 2.5 weeks in and feeling really good. I walked for 40 minutes yesterday.  My goal is to get back to being able to do hard elliptical workouts (HR 120-140,) at 4 weeks. I miss exercise, but I love being pain free. I’d love to run again, even if it’s only 2x a week.

That being said, I’m prone to overdoing it, and I don’t want to make any mistakes early that may hurt any healing and cause a revision in the future.

I like reading that people were actually running pretty early into recovery.  Hope to be there soon.




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Ironman to Hybridman

Very depressed at the ripe age of 52 after succeeding at long distance tri’s and ultras such as Ironman and OMM to have required a RTHR (posterior) in February this year (my last run was a marathon in July 2019 when I was a limpy painful mess at the end). Now 5 months on I am running (jogging) up to about 5 miles, cycling about 25 miles and swimming when possible. All amazing stuff given the major surgery but hard to believe I could ever return to more than recreational exercise. Limitations factors for now are fatigue and stiff/ aching from hip/ low back but I guess this may improve further. How do others get through the stiff/ achy layer? Any tips? And how do you avoid the fear you might be wearing out the bionics given the general advice not to run etc?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Dave – Amby Burfoot “PROFILE–At 60, Dave Whiteside is running fast ultra-marathons with a hip replacement”

New at “At 60, Dave Whiteside is running fast ultra-marathons with a hip replacement.” Not just fast, but he also recently logged a 200-mile training week as part of the Race Across Tennessee. Whiteside doesn’t follow the well-trod path. He went Keto several years ago, believes he can improve his marathon and ultra-marathon PRs, and generally chooses a full, energetic, challenge-filled life over just getting along. Read the full story.(Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Like, here’s the dealio, chump

I thought that would get your attention. Nice headline, eh?

So, don’t forget that the HipRunners ran quite well as a club at the Athletics Illustrated Global One-hour Virtual Race. Wasn’t far off the other teams and I know two of the teams stacked their rosters late – HipRunners had the lead for awhile. Results are at Athletics Illustrated. Age-graded results are coming soon.

Also, the results from the survey that many of you participated in is located at Athletics Illustrated too. Check out what the consensus is – use the search bar for results of the race and survey and speaking of surveys, can I get your opinion on a few things: doping, Kanye running for president….

Update on myself (with my THR, right side, anterior, ceramic on poly nearing 3.5 years):

FINALLY have consistency. Had a decent summer (after a decade off) last summer getting to about 75K per week before calf pulls wrecked me for about six months. Off and on. Now over the past couple of months, I have a bunch of 80K weeks, one at 100K. Longer (not “long” until they are 20 miles/32K) runs of 20-25K.

Ran a 5K time trial in 21:57 with a couple of wrong turns and things – so figure I could have run 21:40, at age 54 that age-grades me to about 18:30-18:45, which 30-40 seconds off of my masters personal best, so happy!

Been running Arthur Lydiard out-and-backs during the base phase over the past six weeks. Have improved almost every time. 3K warm-up, 3K warm-down and 30-minutes as fast as possible without straining and then turn around see how long it takes to come back, should be negative split. HOWEVER, we do very slight downhill to 6K or so, so the return is tough and we run even or small positive splits, which I think is fine. If we ran the other direction, we would have big negatives and falsely accuse ourselves that we are brilliant. No sense being more deluded than already.

So, a few more weeks of base 4-6, then see where I am … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)