71-year-old runs 90-minute half-marathon; test runs Nike Next % vs Nike Pegasus.

In no way does the making of this video indicate an endorsement of any brand, damnit.

So, 71-year-old Joseph Camilleri does a workout (actually a few) testing the Pegasus against the Next % and other models. We just briefly look at the one workout.

No, he hasn’t had a hip replacement. He doesn’t need one, but I hope to run him over with a John Deer tractor to make that happen. But, still, at 71, he is saaaa mooooooth.

Nike Next % Test Run: 71-year-old Joseph Camilleri compares Nike Pegasus to Nike Next % in track session

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Quarter Marathon (walk)

Well, we did it.

My partner and I walked a virtual Quarter Marathon yesterday. It took us over 2 hours, but that’s OK. It was a beautiful sunny day and it gave us more time to enjoy the experience.

I will be 6 months post op this week, and this is the farthest I have been able to go not only since hip replacement, but also since the original surgery to repair my broken hip with screws. My leg is a little tired today, but not sore. I am really pleased with how good it feels.

I tried to run a few weeks ago, and it was a mixed bag at best. On the plus side, my leg would do it. I could run. However, it felt weird. The foot on my operated leg wanted to pigeon toe in, and the muscles around my entire thigh felt tired and sore–and I only ran about 12 steps. I don’t know what that’s about. The PT I saw after surgery had advised me to wait 6 months and then go to athletic training if I wanted to run again. After I am fully vaccinated for COVID, I may do that. In the meantime, I am enjoying spending a lot of time walking with my partner, who doesn’t run. Walking and hiking are things that we are able to do together right now.

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2 THR’s (Right – August 13th, 2020 and Left – March 17th, 2021)


I’m wondering if there are many people here who have had both hips replaced? If so, have you been able to get back to running again?

Osteoarthritis in both hips was detected back in 2016. Both mine were Anterior THR’s.

I felt pretty good after the first one, but because of the issue with the other one I did not run at all. I was just doing PT to get the strength back in the right one.

My plan is to take it easy for the first few months with just walking, biking and some PT.

Thanks ~ Stuart.

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Global One-hour Virtual Race update — how far can you go in an hour? — and a personal update

Hello, all you superhip peoples:

From a personal perspective, things are going well. As an Arthur Lydiard expert (flex) I am doing my first Lydiard cycle in about 14 years and am enjoying the heck out of it, sorta.

Didn’t build too much of a base (aerobic) because I kept getting calf pulls at 60-miles or 100K-ish-per-week, so down around 30-45-miles or 50-70K  now(tough speaking two languages, Imperial and Metric, but nevertheless). Went through the hill phase barely unscathed. And now nearly finished the anaerobic phase. One more workout, then onto time trials and racing. Let’s see how this goes. My goal is just to bang off some 5K races and see if I can get around 20:30-20:59.99999999 – ha-ha. My master’s best is 17:58 from age 42 and now at 55 (going on 2, I am an emotional toddler), I hope to get close to the age-grading equivalent performance level. That’s rich, though. Realistically I can run around 22-flat at this time and the racing will start in a month…..

All is good [touch wood, lucky rabbit’s foot etc — except I think the rabbit is unlucky isn’t it? Having lost a foot?].


So, the Global One-hour Virtual Race is on. Not as many people signed up as last year YET, however, there are some and we have extended the deadline to April 30 to get your time in.

Here is the little confirmation list below. Remember it is just $5 as a suggested donation. $30 if you want a commemorative hat. Proceeds to KidSport, so all kids can play.

How far can you go in an hour?

Confirmation list: 2021 Global One-hour Virtual Race

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SarahH – 8 weeks: back in the saddle after a minor scare

Hi there

When I last reported at nearly 2 weeks, I was very optimistic: walking was getting progressively better & I was back to using stairs to get to our 4th floor apartment. At 10 days I could walk, with help from a trekking pole, the 3km to my PT appointment.

Then my physiotherapist started getting ambitious with rehab exercises. The following two weeks felt like two steps forward, three steps back.

A few times I protested that the exercises seemed far beyond the scope of the surgeon’s recommendations for the first month. The PT, having rehabbed several pro dancers with THRs, poo-pooed that – you’re strong, you’re not a granny! That being said, he did make the exercises easier.

Still, at 4 weeks, I was back to using both crutches much of the time as my hip felt so damn tender when I put weight on it. When I described the exercises, my normally-affable surgeon was livid with the physio and feared displacement.

Happily it turned out to be just muscle overuse, and the surgeon was very pleased with my x-rays & progress when he saw me at 30 days. He gave me a prescription for NSAIDs and told me to lay off PT for a few weeks. That was a weight off my shoulders (not to mention, my hips).

Two weeks later, at 6 weeks, I had ditched the crutches & NSAIDs and felt like I was back to making progress. The best part, was now that I could walk without support, I was OK to bike, s l o w l y, outside!!!!

(While my surgeon fully supports running post-THR, he wants me to wait until the 3-month mark).

This is a BIG deal. We live in 700 sq ft apartment in the middle of Paris and don’t own a car. Even before Covid, I preferred getting around by city bike rather than public transport, and now that we’re fully into the 3rd wave here, the metro is even less appealing. And it was the pain from cycling that made me opt for a THR at … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

90-days post-op; a 10-mile weekend at 10 min/mi pace

my headline says it all; keeping our group apprised of what healthy, realistic progress can look like…I’m 90-days post-op and had a 10-mile weekend of steady running with a few walk breaks; 6 miles Saturday & 4 miles Sunday, all at 10 min/mi pace… MOST IMPORTANT: NO HIP PAIN; just a little stiffness around the incision as I’m still gaining range of motion back… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Nervous about talking to my doc

Hi everyone,

This is my first post.  I’m scheduled for anterior THR on 4/19.  I developed late-stage OA after breaking my femoral neck in a bike accident last spring.  I found a really good surgeon but at my first appt. with him he advised strongly against running after the surgery.  I have a pre-op with him in a couple of weeks and I want to be honest with him about my desire to try running again, I think it’s important that he knows I will be running.  I’m really nervous about telling him, though, and even afraid he’ll refuse to do the surgery.  Does anyone have tips for talking to your surgeon or feedback on how you handled this?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

5 Months Post Op

Hello Everyone,

I am now 5 months post op (posterior THR), and have gotten a good bit of my normal life back. I can sit “crisscross applesauce,” sit on my feet, and bend over and touch the ground. My surgeon read wanted some continuing movement restrictions for a year, which made me mad. I haven’t done yoga or any crazy, but other than that I do what I want. I found the 3 month movement restrictions of the posterior approach to be very frustrating, and am envious of those of you with the anterior approach and fewer restrictions. However, I think that this is a good result. My legs are the same length and my biomechanics are the same as before surgery. I have no pain.

This weekend I took a long walk on a local rail trail, maybe 5 miles. This is the longest I have walked since I started having problems with avascular necrosis. Yesterday, I signed up for a virtual Quarter Marathon (6.55 miles). I’ll walk it, not run it, but this is a little piece of my pre-avascular necrosis life that I’m taking back.

I still do not know if I will run again. I am finally getting to a point where strenuous walking does not aggravate the soft tissues around my main incision. It’s a huge 8″ incision, and I still have some swelling. UGH. I imagine that running would aggravate this more. I am frankly afraid of prematurely wearing out the prothesis if I run on it, and after 2 hip surgeries in 2 years the thought of having a revision fills me with dread. At 61 years old, I may have to have a revision anyways, but still it’s a concern.

Any thoughts? How do you deal with worrying about wearing out your implant? Has anyone with posterior surgery been given movement restrictions for a year, or permanent movement restrictions? I have the Stryker Dual Mobility hip which gives greater range of motion, and I chafe at being given restrictions.

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Mark I Autoimmune disease

Informal poll….

Has anyone else been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease such as SLE (lupus) or RA (rheumatoid arthritis) etc over the months/years since hip replacement?  I was diagnosed 4 years after surgery and I’m pretty sure it’s unrelated however I was 50 when diagnosed which is a little atypical so I wanted to see if the group has had any similar experiences.  Or worsening of the autoimmune disease?   Not putting it out there for anyone to have second thoughts about having surgery.  I’m treated for my disorder and running like before, so it’s not an issue but I’ve been meaning to put the question out there to the group.


By the way, 7 years post anterior THA next month and still running!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

low stomach (muscle?) pain – 8.5 months post anterior THR

Hey everyone, I have posted before and my running has been going very well. I have been running about 4 times per week and usually doing 1.5 min runs alternated with 30 second walks. I have been able to work my mileage up significantly over the past few months and I am now typically doing between 30 and 40 miles of these run/walks per week. My pace has increased as well. I do some swimming every day (I am in South Florida) along with some strengthening and core work in the gym. I also do distance walking on my non run/walk days.

About 3 weeks ago I started to feel some low stomach pain on my right side (same side as my THR which happened July 1, 2020). I started to feel this low stomach pain the most when doing pull ups and when doing abdominal exercises. I stopped the pull ups and changed my abdominal exercises, but I still feel it when doing abdominal crunches and leg lifts. I have started to feel this low stomach pain more during my runs.  I am not sure if it is a low stomach muscle strain or something else. I will probably it checked by a doctor.

Have any of you experienced low stomach pain on the same side as your replaced hip? If so, what did you do about it? Thanks in advance for your input.


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Future anterior THA

Hey everyone and thank you for this website and the inspiration. I’m only 47 but will be undergoing anterior approach THA in May 2021. While I’ve had pain on/off since I was about 5 years old, the main issues started about 4 years ago. While I wouldn’t classify myself as a “runner”, I’m quite fit and relish in being able to hike, life, and trail run. I’ve not been able to run AT ALL in 4 years. I work in the physical therapy world (PTA) for over two decades and have treated many many people with hip replacements and known them to be mostly HIGHLY successful. Still, when it is YOUR hip, it is very scary…especially when you know what the true potential risks are (still small, I get it).


Thank you so much for this forum and I hope to keep you all updated on my progress (even if I don’t run long distances) as I love how this forum is about being YOUR best self.


In health,

Ryan Crandall

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Two weeks Post Surgery

Well folks the two week post op timeline has come and gone with great news and progress. I’m able to walk around crutch free, though I still use the crutches outside for stability since we are buried in snow. Getting up and down the stairs is still a real challenge since I’ve lost so much strength in my quad, I tried to walk up the stairs unaided and after the third step I thought my leg was going to fold under me. My PT is really happy with my mobility and hip flexion AROM. I’m pain free for the first time in two and a half years, though I am still very tight and sore from the surgery, but surgery sore is so much better that injury pain! I am still doing my isometrics three times a day and yesterday I was cleared to go for short walks (less than a mile) on non PT days. We are very careful up here since there is no clean place to walk, this is interior Alaska and we are buried in snow, the roads are icy and the trails are uneven and very soft for this type of rehab, but perfect for cross country skiing! God I miss skiing already! I’m packing the hip in ice after every PT appointment and after my walks to help reduce the inflammation, not to mention it just feels really good! Yesterday at my PT we removed the bandages and inspected the incision. It looked amazing, healing really well and no sign of infection, yay! Moving on!

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68 days post-op: 23:45-trail 5K

What is possible is specific to your situation and determination! I had THR on Monday, December 21.  If all went well, my original goal was to be able to do a 5K in early May, based on being able to start running march 1.  Well, as of roughly 4 weeks ago I felt good enough to begin some light downhill shuffling and uphill power hiking…. all has gone well including being diligent with rehab exercises and stretching. About 10 days ago my eyes saw the possibility of a local trail 5K and my goal was simply to finish pain free. This morning I went out at a light to moderate pace and simply just kept my mind on any pain in my hip, my overall exertion, and obviously my footsteps on the trail!  Before I knew it, I was 20 minutes in and simply just kept cruising! When I discovered this blog, it was clearly evident that there was no defined path to returning to running post hip replacement; learn from others but the path is clearly individual… thank you for all of the input as I will continue to provide mine, and today it was great and exhilarating to finish my slowest 5K in 30 years – but simply to do it and know that my path to improve it is wide open 👍… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Downhill skiing

I miss my downhill skiing on a bluebird day. My grown-up kids moved to Vancouver, where they are 20-minutes from three different mountains. I am jealous.

Does anyone know anyone who downhill skis with a hip replacement?

I swear I online-chatted with someone who does. A duathlete? Maybe? I cannot seem to find the convo anywhere, so might be my imagination.

On Vancouver Island, the snow is pretty heavy. Like skiing in butter, so I assume I will need groomed-only runs? Which I am okay with, I guess.

Time to take up nordic skiing I suppose.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Week One

Well folks last Monday the 15th I had my Anterior THA surgery, it was quite the adventure to say the least. I don’t remember coming out of the anesthesia but about an hour after surgery I was awake and they had me out of the bed with a walker shuffling to the bathroom and a short walk down the hall. Most of the time all I’ve been doing is sleeping, still not eating very much but my appetite is slowly returning. I flew back to Fairbanks from Anchorage Wednesday and flying right after surgery sucks! If I knew how miserable I would have been I would have waited a couple of day longer. The pain is fading quickly, I stopped taking the Oxycodone yesterday morning and have been using only Tramadol for pain. I’m walking or doing isometrics every hour. At times I feel like I’m not getting anywhere and then all of a sudden I can do something new! I’ll be using the walker this week and move on to crutches next week, though I have been using the crutches occasionally for ease and function, but they’re not as stable as the walker. with all the snow and ice outside I’ll probably stick to the walker outside and practice more with the crutches inside. I have my first full on PT appointment this morning, yay! Moving forward!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Hip Surgery Vlog

So I have posted here several times about my upcoming surgery but I’ll remind those that haven’t read them, that I have Anterior THA surgery on Monday the 15th using titanium/ceramic/polyethylene. I started a vlog series on my YouTube channel called “Hip Life” that follows me through the entire process from diagnosis, through the presurgery check-ups/process and will go through surgery and follow me through rehab , PT and recovery. If Brother Tom will allow me to share the link here for people who would like to watch my progress and get ideas about what their surgery experience will be and for those that have gone through the surgery themselves and care to comment or offer advice of their own for me. Thanks!

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It’s back! 2nd Annual Global Virtual One-hour Race – had my best longer run yesterday since hip replacement

Good Day eh,

Hey all you apex predators, I had my best longer run since hip replacement yesterday. I went 25K with a bunch of kms under 5-mins-per-km, for an avg of 5:19. I think I could have been around 5:10, but I am wary about my calves still. Very happy.

I have run up to 30K with a group we call TNLW for Tuesday Night Late Workout. It used to be that we would start at 9:30 PM and run 90-minutes to three hours over very hilly terrain, into the forest trails, and through back yards and over farm fences. Now, we are softer with a 6:30 PM start, but we still go to three hours-ish. Now with the social distancing protocols, we do a shotgun start. Everyone puts beer out and we leave our respective domiciles at 6:30 PM. We do a running tour around town to each other’s houses and sample the fare (quickly). So, my 30K run, has had six quick beer stops…..

Several Hip Runners ran in the Global Virtual One-hour Race last year. Well, it is back! Details at link:

2nd Annual Global Virtual One-hour Race: 39 days to the start

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