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    I am experiencing right knee pain after running. My right hip replacement was beginning of May.
    I am thinking it has too do with needing too loose some weight before I put too much stre on my knee. Running up
    hi hill is easier then running on the flat. The knee hurts on the petaller but can sometimes be sore on the outside. It changes from time too time.
    I had both knees and hips xrays and MRI scans and there are no problems with the joints. I am thinking the weight I am carrying and being too eager too run isn’t a good combination at the moment. I am a stone over weight.
    Any advice?

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    Your amazing. I have had Full hip replacement beginning of May 2019. Fine if I run up hills but not that great on the flat.
    I love running but have not been able too do it for 2 years, previous too that I was pregnant and before that I was running and extremely active. I was a national boxing athlete.
    I never had problems with my joints or hips until I fell pregnant.
    Because I felt so great one day I over did it.I run fast on the treadmill doing fartlicks. I love running like this. Bad news it has caused me too go backwards in my healing.
    Wondering if anyone has any advice out there. Hanging out too go hard but think I need too stick too swimming, cycling etc and strength training. Go hard in those forms of exercise.
    Why would my knee hurt? Has anybody had this happen? I have both knees and hips checked for arthritis and there are no problems there.
    I have a stone and a half too loose. Maybe it’s that.
    Look forward too any advice.
    Yes I know i have learnt no going hard running. Start baby steps.
    Too all you guys out there that are running with hip prostheses you are amazing. You are my inspiration. When I found this website I just about cried because I felt quit alone. I want too be competitive again. Not a couch slouch. Running keeps me mentally sane. It’s the way I relax and think. My trail running and dogs.

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    Hi there
    I had a Full hip replacement for my right hip. I have always been extremely active. I boxed internationally, did loads of running and compete horses. I have never had problems with my joints until I had my second child at the age of 41. It was down hill from there. As soon as I had my baby my knee was very sore, was painful to step up. Then painful in the groin. I tried too do everything too help it. The doctors sent me too a OS and I had MRI & x-rays. The joint had no cartilage. It was bone on bone. It was so weird, one day I was running 22km, then I was pregnant then 9 months later after pregnancy my hip was deteriorated.
    I was due to have the surgery a year after diagnosis, while in hospital before procedure I ended up with a infection in the hip joint. They would not operate on me for a year. I had a baby and a toddler too carry around. Was a painful time. I was told by everyone that I would not be able too run again. But I am so determined too run a 100km and keep running. I have been told not too fall off my horses when jumping. That’s a joke. Because at some point it will happen. But that is life.
    My running recovery is very slow. I jog up hill and walk. My yoga and flexibility is really good working on strengthening legs, hips and glutes. Do Pilates twice a week, swim. But cannot run far on flat ground. I jog for 30 sec etc then walk. Knee gets sore but the next day I feel amazing. Don’t know why knee is sore. But just really trying too take it slowly.
    I felt very alone until I discovered this blog. I felt like I was the only person who would dare run after frill hip replacement. People frown at me when I tell them I am off for a jog walk.
    So be it.
    Look forward too questions and information sharing.
    By the way I have learnt – if you go too hard early on it sets you back. It’s not worth it.

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