JimB — Hip Replacement Forthcoming

  1. Dear Hiprunner….


I’m Jim Batson and looking for an orthopedic who performs hip replacement surgery on runners. Below is my background:


I am a 55 year old runner that started the sport in my 20’s. Over the years I have increased my race distances to 15K and higher so my training reflects that type of mileage. Over the last 10-years I have completed 27 marathons, qualifying for Boston 8 of those years. I am also a triathlete, but running is my passion. I would refer to myself as very competitive and very active. For years I have experienced “range-of-motion” problems with my left hip with no noticeable pain. Three weeks ago, following a normal 4-miler, I experienced so much pain in my left hip I could not walk. I do not recall any acute event like a fall, trip, pop, etc. The pain improves at times over the last three weeks, but is always there. Anti-inflammatories are helping. Activity worsens the pain.


After x-rays my local orthopedic diagnosed me with “Femoroacetabular Impingement” or “FAI”. Two orthopedics informed me that hip replacement surgery will change my life and I will no longer be allowed to run. Giving up running seems to be the consensus after visiting two orthopedics (in south Louisiana) and other folks I know that have had hip replacement surgery. I lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for 10-years and discovered, through contacts there, that there are groups that treat runners. I have been told by them that there are hip replacement cases where individuals continue to run “post-surgery.”


I found hiprunner and now have hope that there are doctors that perform hip replacement surgery and work with runners. From what I have read, many of you are running post-surgery! Any comments or recommendations that will help me find orthopedic groups/doctors that perform hip replacement surgery on runners, and continue to work with them to get them back on-the-road, is greatly appreciated.


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