Timelines and benchmarks??

Hi all,

Thank you very much to the hosts of this site, and to everyone who shares on this site!  It is inspiring to know what is possible in the years moving forward.
I had a right THR in January of this year (10 months ago).  I have been active and fit since that time (biking 60km, working out ~10 times/week), but am struggling to get back to running.  When I attempt running (jogging!), I have shooting pain down my femur.  I’ve read a few other comments from people struggling with similar pain issues.  I’m also struggling with what seems like hip flexor pain / tightness, which keeps me from doing almost all ab exercises.  Am wondering what this is all about too.

Questions: does anyone know what the cause of this pain is?  Does running through the pain make it better or worse?  What can be done to alleviate/prevent the pain?  What is the timeline for being pain free?

I’m wondering if there is a timeline or set of benchmarks for getting back into running?  I’d like to do a 10k or even a half, ideally a half-ironman, but currently can’t run 3 x 30seconds!  It’s a bit disheartening 😉  Though what is not disheartening is being generally pain-free after years of chronic pain!  Trying to keep things in perspective 🙂

Thanks in advance,

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