Young hip replacement – advise needed!

Hi All,

It’s been a while since my last post (about 4 years) – here:

I’m finally at the point where I’m scheduled within 1 month to take the plunge with a left THR, aged 35.


A brief background:

– previously a very active amateur footballer and casual runner. Aged 29 I was diagnosed with bilateral OA. Genetic/ over-use etc …

– I had a left hip arthroscopy 5.5Y ago and I did the same for my right hip last year.

– I have done Hyalauronic injections in both hips a couple of times over the years – last time about three months ago.

– I have pain most days which I try to manage with needling, massage and hard-rolling. At times I get very sharp, acute, shooting pain in the worse (imagine that’s the bone-on-bone?)

– Post op, the right is looking good on the X-ray (good spacing, no re-growth of impingements, no cists). Occasionally I get this annoying catching sensation and often muscular ache. I’m hoping that is scar tissue/ compensation for my (much worse) left hip as the Dr says the X-ray looks like I have a good few years left in the right hip.

– The latest X-rays on the left hip show visible progression over the years – irregular spacing, big spurs/ impingements, bone on bone at the corner, cists everywhere  – so I’m booked in for the left THR in 3 weeks….

I came to the decision over the past 12 months to finally get the left THR. I have struggled consistently to walk longer than 10 mins – often having to stop to stretch or rest the hip. I can exercise as usual on the bike/ cross-trainer/ swimming but haven’t run properly for three years. For me that’s not good enough: I have two young sons and I want to be an active dad, I want to be able to manage my weight and health with exercise, I dream of running or playing football casually again, I want to be pain free. I want to maximize my mobility (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Ben – Hip replacement required at 32.

Hello fellow hipsters!

So I’ve been scouring YouTube and the Internet on and off for three years searching (without real success) for unequivocal testimony (or better still video evidence) that having a hip replacement doesn’t not mean game over. Until now I found little inspiration. But having found this site and read only a few of the inspirational posts I’m starting to feel a little more confident about the whole thing…

I’m 32 now and was diagnosed with severe OA of my left hip with cam and acetabulum impingements 3 years ago. I went back to my home town (Reading, UK) for an antroscopy by Dr Tom Pollard in September 2014. He did a decent job of it, shaving off the excess bone, patching up whatever residual cartilage was left and microfracturing the bone to create a scar tissue substitute for the all-too-illusive cartilage. Fast forward 2.5yrs and to be honest I was back to square 1 and staring a THR of my left hip full in the face.

I have always been a very keen footballer, representing professional premier league academies up to age 15 and thereafter enjoying a very competitive level of amateur football (up until my OA diagnosis 3yrs ago, aged 29). I was also always a keen runner and gym-goer. Nothing competive on the running side – it just always gave me that ceratonin boost I needed to get through the week of my sedentary office based job.

As I write I’m on holiday with my young family and for the first time I’m becoming totally convinced I need the hip replacement as soon as possible. The pain when walking longer distances has become almost unbearable and I’m struggling to keep up with my 2yr old. I think it’s time to man up and deal with this finally…

…or is it?! Every time I make a decision to arrange the dreaded THR I think to myself – I’m too young for this aren’t I? Can’t I live with the pain a little longer? Is it really that bad? What happens in 10-15 years when I need … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)