New shoes en route!

Hi hipsters.

After 3+ years of hip pain, I finally became mostly pain free in December 2017.  My hip story is a long one – in brief, 7 hips surgeries in 11ish years (stress fracture surgery, hardware removal, hip scopes/labral repairs/debridement, and the final frontier – THRs).   I had my R THR in August 2016 and L THR in July 2017.  Unfortunately I had a calcar fracture intra-op on the L and had a cerclage wire placed.  I continued to have bad intermittent pain and my surgeon took the wire out in November 2017.  After a few weeks, I was finally pain free!  I had given up on the idea of running again and had accepted it for the most part.  As a result of a car accident in my 20s and resultant knee injury/surgeries, I got really into cycling, sprint triathlons, and raced mountain bikes for years and, as a result, haven’t run a ton over the years. Five years ago found I was able to run more  and trained (still was only running 20ish miles/week at most) and completed my first 1/2 marathon at 49 years old in 1:47.  I was thrilled.  Then the next year my hip labrum retore and the rest is history as they say.  Thanks to my new hips, I can cycle pain free again and just recently started doing 1 minute jogging intervals while walking.  Talk about feeling free again!  I never thought I would get to experience that amazing feeling again.  I want my new hips to last but my surgeon said with the current components being used (ceramic on cross-linked polyethylene) some running should not cause excessive wear and that these hips could last my lifetime.  Ear to ear ?.  I have not run in over 2 years.  I never thought I would have the indescribable pleasure of  running again or would ever purchase new runnings shoes again, but a new pair is arriving today!  This is an exciting day indeed.  Hip hip hooray!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)