Margaret – About Me

I’m 58 years old. I’ve been running ultras for over 25 years.  My first 100 miler was Wasatch in 1987 and my last 100 miler was  Hardrock completed in 2010. I’m a middle to back of the packer and just love going distance. Over the past 6 years I noticed something was going on with my hip. There was no pain so I ignored it. It became more and more difficult to tie my shoe on that leg.

It wasn’t until this past April that the hip stopped me from doing what I wanted to do. I was training to run another 100 but I just couldn’t do it. I started to limp and drag my leg. Running just didn’t work. I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t get the pain under control. My knee on the same leg was really hurting. PT tried to help me but said it looked like I needed a hip replacement. Xray showed large bone spurs and flattening in the joint. 3 different doctors said I needed a hip replacement. So I decided I would do it during the winter.

The pain subsided when I quit trying to be active or walk. But I still had the limp and people asked about it. I wasn’t even aware of it. The fall was spent mostly small hikes dragging the leg and strengthening the legs by mountain biking.

After Christmas I didn’t feel a lot of pain and questioned the whole decision to have the surgery. That is when I found this site and found support in what people wrote. I noticed other people had similar knee pain of the IT band associated with the bad hip. I also noticed others did not have the extreme pain. I decided I would work out for the two months leading up to surgery and see how I felt. I needed to know that this was the right thing to do. I actually ran twice before I came up limping. Then I went to jogging and the limping aggravated my good hip so much I had to stop that. So … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Margaret – Two Week Post Op

Sorry for the long delay in posting. I had a left total hip replacement March 5th. I had some complications from all the different drugs I was given. The hip surgery went fine. Right afterwards my heart rate and blood pressure dropped. I spent 3 days in ICU, had two units of blood, a heart ultra sound, a brain MRI and found out everything was functioning fine. Once they got my blood pressure and heart rate stabilized I spent two more days in the regular ward, only to find out all the pain meds made me very nauseous.  I feel like I failed my “Dressing 101” class in the hospital and barely passed my PT walking up and down the hall because I was so nauseous and had to get back to bed. I walked and did stairs with no problem except a spinning head. After 5 days we headed home. At home I tried a different pain med with the same nausea results. My next two days were spent in bed, still too sick to get around. I quit all pain meds and started taking Tylenol as needed for pain. On day 8, things took a turn for the good. I was up and able to start walking laps on our deck. There is still 2 to 3 feet of snow around the house. We live remotely in the mountains.

I met with my surgeon yesterday for my two week check up. He was very happy to see me feeling better. I asked how far he thought I should be able to walk now and he said 1/2 mile and keep adding as it feels right to me. I feel the first 7 days resting was a good thing and has not held me back at all. I was able to do my PT handout and got another one yesterday to continue to build on. He reminded me these first 6 weeks are critical for healing and not to overdo it. I went into surgery in good shape, x country skiing 7 to 10 miles almost daily, which I … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)