#ttwrelaunch – Year One after THR

Hi Hiprunners,

now, that my first Triathlon Saison after THR in May 2016 is over, I am proud to say, that I am back on track. A lot of your stories helped me to overcome doubts to do so. Thanks for that.

I hoped for 2 Sprint Distances. But I was able to start in 3 Sprint Competitions, 2 Olympic Races and a Bike Time Trail. Finally I made it to the German Championship, which I finished at place 8 in my AG.

Now I read that Bryant registered for Ironman Boulder which is even more inspiring.

Keep on going !

Tom W.
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Triathlon 2.0 – Relaunch – 12 Month after THR

It has been exactly one year since my hip surgery. May 10th 2016 – THR, right – Stryker ceramic ball with a polyethylene cup.

Since then, I did almost everything to get back on track – but always under the restriction not to overload my new friend ‘CiPi’. To be precise, I went 3 times a week to the Gym, did a lot of Miles on the Bike as well as in the Pool. I decided to start running very late – during Christmas Holliday last year; to make sure, that all required muscles had been in a supportive and good shape. Since then I am running 2-3 times a week, now also doing some short intervals (400m – 1k).

And next Sunday – ‘CiCi’s’ first anniversary – I will participate in my first Triathlon (Sprint) since the surgery. Sure, running will be my weakness. But I would like to work as hard as it makes sense to get even faster. Right now, I am aiming for a 22:30 in the 5k after the Bike split.

I am still hoping, that a sub20 in 5k or sub40 in 10k might be possible again. But I am still struggling in regards to the right ‘workload’ for my hip. Maybe you have some good advices, which I will appreciate.

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