First Trail Race

It has been almost three years since my THR, and I am running the Half-Wit-Half Marathon Trail Run August 13.  This will be my first race since surgery.  All I want to do is make the cut off, so I can finish.  I have been training on the AT south of Boiling Springs, PA.  It is all because of this site, that I am even running again.  The testimonies, the encouragement,  and the sheer determination of all the folks who post here got me to try running again.  Thank you.  After thirty years of running, it was really hard to quit.  Now I am out there again, not as far and not as fast, but out there on the trail again.  Topping it off, I turn sixty five this week, so the race is going to be my birthday present to myself.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

First Run with old Friend

I ran with my old friend (the Appalachian Trail) behind by home for the first time in 2 years.  It was like seeing an old running buddy.  Of the four miles I ran, I could remember every bend, every root, every rock, every incline, and all the woods as we spent time together.  I stopped and just took it all in at Center Point Knob, the half way point between Maine and Georgia, which is 2 mile behind my house.  In my running days I would not even go out the door for anything less than 4 mi., but in my new life after THR, and a horrific bicycle accident, my four mile run was as satisfying as my first marathon.  Thank you Hip Runners for all your encouragement.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)


I just found and joined the HipRunner.  It has been 2 yrs. since my total hip replacement and after bicycling (and almost killing myself), fast walking, I am trying to run (slowly).  I (was) a marathon and ultra trail runner.  Dr’s say do not, but your site is encouraging.  I want to know how slowly do I need to pick up distance and how often do I need rest days?  I ran 2mi, two days in a row along with my fast walks and my hip is tad sore.  Can anyone advise? Thanks… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)