My hip op and after

I had my hip replacement operation on 23/11/2018. The op was well done & successful. I was out of hospital within 48 hours and walking on crutches straight away. I progressed to one crutch and then none within about 6 weeks, but got blood clots close to my heart which delayed things a bit. I was walking increasing distances 3 times a day and moved on to an hours’ walk at a time mostly in our local woods after about 8 weeks. By 3 months, I’d started to run a few steps, building up slowly. By 4 months I was doing half an hour or so jogging. I’m now jogging up to 80 minutes a time at least twice a week. I’ve started the occasional genuine running, but I can feel that my muscles aren’t doing enough yet to keep pressure off the new joint, so that will take a while longer, as the muscles continue to strengthen. However, just being able to jog without pain and at a distinctly faster pace than immediately before my op is wonderful. I doubt whether I’ll be doing any races (I passed my 70th birthday in the middle of this) as I’m never going to get to a speed fast enough for me. Nor do I expect to run longer distances than 10K. But just being able to run freely through the woods and fields, and even being able to tackle some steep hills, is enough.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Hip replacement operation now scheduled

23 November. Right hip replacement. After 10 years of deterioration, it’s finally about to arrive. I hope in 4 months I’ll no longer be doing a couple of miles “jobbling” (jogging mostly hobbling) at snail’s pace and be able to get back to running through the local woods and fields without pain and at a pace which allows me to overtake dog walkers, rather than them overtaking me.

I doubt I’ll runĀ  beyond 10K, but being able to do that again will be wonderfully satisfying.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)