Hello im new

Im 42 and from Glasgow. Its nice to know that there is life after hip replacement and want peace of mind that it will be safe to resume running.

I played footy (soccer) most of my days on astroturf I blame this for my osteoarthritis. Had to give it up 2010. But for some reason I was still able to run and was pretty decent. One day out do in my miles my right leg gave way band i scuffled to stop falling. So got myself checked band was not only told my right hip was buggered but my left was also too. I was still running 42 min 10ks and 20min 5 is and had been faster than that. But within a period of 6 months from running up to 13 miles, struggled completing a 5k.

I have had my right replaced with a ceramic hip in August 2015 then my left hip with metal June 2016. I’ve been very depressed not being able to do what I’ve done most my life and that’s being very active. And im sure most folk will agree that running is great mentally.

At the turn of the year I decided to start again barely managing a half mile but my determination to get back to it is very strong and finally Ive managed a 4 mile a 5 mile and another 4 mile run within a week couple with 2 very intense mountain bike rides.

Its nowhere near as quick as I once was but I can finally see light now. And pray my 2 Young’s sons find their interest in running again as they had a lot of potential. They where good at parkruns and I often entered my under aged teenage son in 10k events.


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