Running forms

I currently am a year out and today at the gym ran for 14 minutes on a treadmill feeling pretty good.. I am having some soreness walking but feel like it is more just tightness in my larger muscles of hip just from running.. I am trying to figure out my step while running .. currently I tend to walk on outer right side of my foot from trying to keep my leg straight and not turning in after my surgery and I noticed that I was running that same way which will be a problem.. I had broke the tib/fib in this same leg 21yrs ago and a rod is in the lower part … when the fixed it they over corrected and now since my hip surgery it straightened it out better so I try to focus on my walking.  Any ideas and how to make sure my form is correct. I was never really trained as a runner just something I started in my 20’s originally.(Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)