Hip Discomfort

I had my 3 month+ checkup last week.  As mentioned in an earlier post, I was experiencing some discomfort and was concerned that something was going on.  X-ray’s confirmed everything is doing fine.  My range of motion is ok, but not great.  Dr. feels that what I am feeling is just scar tissue that will get better over time.  He cautioned me against “over expectations” in that we will never be 18 again.  For me, that happened 50 years ago.  He stressed the importance of continuing with the exercise program, lengthening the hip flexors, etc.  Activity is great, but doesn’t target the specific areas that need to be worked on.  He also cleared me to start a bit of jogging, although with caution to not overdue.  He did say that it will probably feel a bit weird at first.  And I never realized it but apparently my right leg was a bit shorter than my left.  So surgery has corrected that.  Now if the weather will only cooperate.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Hip discomfort after 3+ months

I am now 3+ months after my THR, right side, and am experiencing some pain.  I get a sharp pain when I turn quickly to the left, nothing when I turn to the right.  I went back to PT just to see if I was doing something incorrectly.  Hip is often quite sore when I first walk.  I tried jogging a bit on the treadmill, but it felt quite different, so I did not continue.  I have a follow up with the Dr. tomorrow 3/24, so assume he will also x-ray to be sure everything is lined up correctly.  My first two months of recovery were great, but the past month has seemed to go downhill a bit.  Anyone else experiencing this?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

New Hip!

DickP – Vt.

I had my new hip on Dec 7, 2016.  Anterior approach.  Was discharged on Dec. 9, although I could have gone home on Dec 8 but it would have been late, so just decided to wait a day.  Also was discharged with “no restrictions”.  Used my walker for only a couple of days and stopped taking narcotics immediately.  Went only with Tylenol and Aspirin (blood clots)

I was driving 1 week after surgery.  Most pain, even in the hospital, was a 3.  And that was from the incision area, not the hip.

PT cleared me to start using my spin bike after 1 week, and started using my treadmill.  5 minutes on bike, 5 minutes on treadmill, 3-4 times per day.  Gradually increased that to 10 minutes each, then 15 minutes each.

Had a follow up with the Dr. on Dec 30, and was cleared to start water therapy.  That was great.  Hit the pool for 15-20 minutes, followed by the whirlpool.  Sometimes 2x per day.

Was a little surprised at the amount of swelling in my leg and still have some around the incision area.  Was told that this could take a while before it all goes down.  My physical therapist also told me to start swinging a golf club, just to get the feel of it.  Also could start a short jog on my treadmill.  Still too icy and snowy here in Vt., so that is probably a wise thing to do.

My hip never really “hurt” it was just uncomfortable to do things.  Could hardly ride my bike as my hip didn’t like the up and down motion.  Had to angle my right leg to the outside and had difficulty in swing my leg over the bike as well.  No problems now though.

Was back to work in 3 weeks – ugh.  Hip is still a little stiff when I get up in the am or have been sitting for too long.  Loosens up pretty quickly once I get moving.

If I move my leg just in the right position, I get a bit … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)