One year anniversary – HURRAH

365 days post op, I watched the sun rise on the Haleakala Crater in Maui and rode the bike 26 miles down to the base as a celebration today.  I am so glad I did the anterior replacement, have returned to running, triathlon, golf, tennis and anything else I feel like doing pain free.  Thanks to each of you for sharing your stories along the way, so incredibly helpful.  For those of you sorting through your options, I heartily endorse moving forward to regain your quality of life and wish you well – carpe diem.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Laura – About me

I am 6 weeks postop anterior approach THR and am so glad to have found all of you. I have been a triathlete since 1983 and have experienced progressive osteoarthritis over the years, managing with periodic cortisone shots. Finally, after much thought and research, had the surgery recently and am happy with the initial results (original pain is gone), healing fast, no pain meds, crutches, back to cycling, weightlifting and walking thus far. I will hit the pool this weekend and running is on the horizon.
My questions:
Do any of you have postop numbness on your thigh and if so, for how long and how did you
help mitigate it?
Do any of you have different leg lengths and if so, does it change over time or how have you handled it?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Laura – about me

I am 6 weeks postop from anterior THR and just got clearance from my doc to fully re engage with my former life. I’ve been an amateur triathlete since 1983. Over the years, my hip starting hurting a little which I chalked up to overtraining. However, eventually found out I have osteoarthritis and have addressed with cortisone shots over the past 6 years. Finally, last month had the surgery and am very pleased with the quick recovery. I am very glad to have found this group, am inspired by your stories and have two questions:
1. Do any of you have numbness around your scar and upper thigh and, if so, has it dissipated and/or how have you mitigated it.
2. Do any of you have different leg lengths and, if so, how are you handling it?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)