MattR – Total Hip Replacement – Front incision (Surg – Post Surg Day 21)

Total Hip Replacement – Front incision

Pain Levels:

00% of the time I don’t even know my hip surgery happened
1I know I have a sore hip, it takes a few seconds to go from sitting to walking due to stiffness, but when walking I’m ok
2Feels like the day after a marathon (I’m a half marathoner so I’m usually really sore after a marathon) or hiking up or down a steep mountain when the next day you need to hold onto the stairs handrail in order to go down. You can move, but it is slow and your muscles hurt.
3I need pain medicine in order to feel comfortable sleeping or sitting (pain meds no more than over the counter)
40      So far I didn’t have a 4 or greater

Myself: I’m 56 years old, I like half marathons, I’m not fast but also not slow, I can do a half averaging a 7:13 – 7:20 pace. I do triathlons Olympic distance; I can usually finish top or close to top in my age group. I bike at a B+ pace with a bike group. I’m a vegan due to health reasons, and I brew beer (meaning I enjoy a good beer, and occasional scotch).

Approach: I panned this operation for 7 months when the doc told me it’s not if its when. So I decided to do this when I’m in really good shape. I had bad arthritis in my left hip (right one is good), and I had to stop running because I was over compensating for my bad hip and it was starting to cause pain in my knee. I went all in with biking, did close to 4k of mileage this year, all out doors. I did the triple bypass in CO, I did it in 9 hours, a little over 8 in the seat. I also did a bunch of century’s and usually one metric century a weekend. I also did a lot of abs workouts.

I treated the surgery as a long bike ride, drinking a lot of … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)