Second Hip Replacement (Nov. 21, 2016) and Planned return Return to Running

I’m at three weeks today since my second total hip replacement. I had reported some complications of a hairline fracture of my femur and a 3 hour procedure vs 1 hour. My other hip was replaced 3 years ago.  A comparison of the two events would suggest than there were a few more minor recovery issues this latest replacement probably more due to the extra time in surgery.. I had gained 30 pounds (not a misprint) and muscle cramping and incision area pain have been more of an issue than the previous hip.

3 week update: Swelling is not an issue at all now and I have purged all or most of the gained weight. I have retired my cane and am having solid rehab workouts daily. Walks (treadmill sessions and just walking around) averaged walking week after 3 THRIn addition to walking, I am on a mountain bike set in a rack (stationary bike) for about 15 minutes a day and I sit on my Concept 2 rower and gently flex my legs and do some pulls with my arms. (Mostly just using my arms).

I will continue the walking routine and increasing my pace gradually and adding some incline now and then on the treadmill. In other words, not more time but gradually more intensity. For the past few days, I finally have that feeling like I am holding back and that I could walk many more miles daily.

I have my 6 week check up in 3 weeks (First week of January). I could be cleared to return to running at that point.

Advise to all getting ready to have a hip replacement is to stay as active as possible prior to training. If you cant run, walk or bike or row (any activity that may skirt the pain from the failing joint)… Having good muscle development before surgery is helping be recover fast. Even with the complications of this last procedure, I am on track to be fully recovered in 6 weeks. (back to my regular fitness routine)… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Second Hip Replacement November 2016 – First was 2013

I’ve ran since my 20’s (I’m 61 now)…. Running has remained a major part of my weekly fitness routine. Before my 20’s I was diagnosed as being chronically obese. A dedicated fitness and diet program has kept me close to a proper weight for my entire adult life. I don’t do the marathons anymore and my daily runs are about 30 minutes and on a treadmill. Power walks and rowing compliment my daily routine….

3 years ago, I had my right hip replaced. It was the anterior method (minimally invasive) and the unit is a Stryker Accolade II.  I think I resumed running (easy does it) in about 3 months or so and the hip was at 100% in about 6 months. In this period, i developed a power walking thing. Now it is time to have the other side done…. same doctor and same replacement part…  I’m hoping that having two replacement hips wont matter and I will be able to resume running in 3 months or so…

I welcome any insight and discussion here…… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)