Road marathons

Hello all.

I’m now nearly six months post op and have started running again, trying not to mind about how much pace I’ve lost! Only up to about four miles at the moment but able to trot round a parkrun (free, timed, weekly 5k runs that we have here in the UK) without any pain or discomfort.

My question is: I know that a lot of people on this site have achieved some amazing things since surgery, including trail marathons and ultras and triathlons, but do you know of many people who have run road marathons post surgery?

I’ve run marathons in the past – my last was in 2013, just before the OA symptoms started to be problematic – and I would dearly love to do another, even if it ends up being my last! I want to do London Marathon next year (if I can get a place) or failing that, the marathon in my home town of Manchester.

I’ll be eighteen months post-op by the time the spring marathons come round, so I know the sensible thing is to see how it goes in the meantime, but I’d love to know what other hippies think.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Nearly 9 weeks post-op and have just started jogging again

So on Christmas Day I did my first walk/run, having seen my surgeon a couple of days before who said that was OK. He’s a runner himself and knows there is no point telling me not to run!

I have a question though. What is the risk of running on roads as opposed to trails/grass? Is it merely wear and tear on the prosthesis or is there some other danger? I don’t anticipate doing very much in the way of road running but I would like to do my favourite10k race next year, which is all on tarmac. I’m just a little confused about the advice and the basis for it. I’m light and I try to run mid-foot rather than heel striking – does that make a difference too? Also, what about track running? My running club does a track session that is for all-comers (i.e. very mixed ability) and I’d love to go back to that again at some point, but not sure if track running is OK? I wouldn’t be trying to sprint, but the intervals sessions are really useful for building up a bit more speed/stamina.

Thoughts?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

6 weeks today

Hello hippies,

My new left hip is 6 weeks old today and I couldn’t be more pleased with it.

I’m 66, live in Manchester in the UK and haven’t been able to run properly since June 2014. Long and boring story about the correct diagnosis but at last found a surgeon (at my running club, luckily!) who not only understood my desire to get back to running but is a very skilled surgeon who has got me back on my feet in record time.

I was off crutches after 5 days, ditched the cane after two weeks, and am now building strength by cycling (exercise bike), elliptical, and this week, swimming. Doing all my physio exercises diligently and having a positive attitude has made all the difference I think.

I’m really looking forward to getting back to running. I’m thinking that if I build up correctly with lots of walking and non-weightbearing stuff I might be ready for a little jog by the end of January. Does that sound feasible? I don’t see my surgeon again for another couple of weeks.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)