14 Weeks Post-Op: Introduction


Thank you for accepting me Tom, I appreciate the gesture.  Bit about me, Justin Rogers, 33 years old with a permanent ileostomy due to Crohn’s disease and now a Ceramic on Poly THR resulting from a few years on corticosteroids.  I am now 14 weeks post op after surgery the first week of may at Rothman Institute in Philadelphia by Dr. William Hozack.  It went great, I feel pretty good so far.  Some minor aching still, though I have been lifting and cycling since six weeks post op with no real complaints.  I am concerned though with running; my first run was a short 2.25mi on Friday followed by another 2.25mi Tuesday.  My surgeon told me after 12 weeks I would be able to resume running, I was doubtful and asked a few times repeating the same question and scenarios to be completely sure on their answer and recommendations.  After reading some snips here I see things like 6 months post op to resume running ect.  I am now really questioning if I should hang the shoes back up for another few months and just ride my bikes?

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