Rene – About me

I have already given up running twice, first when I found out I had osteoarthritis and then after my 2 hip replacements (each hip) per doctor’s instructions. After all, why wear the hip out prematurely. Seemed reasonable until I got curious ( over two years later) and did a search for running with hip replacements and found this site. Now I at least think I have more options.

Even without running I have had post surgery issues. While I was a prized physical therapy patient, perhaps I over did my exercises on occasion and developed a long-term pain in the front groin area when I raise my knee up while standing. Other issues developed with my trail hiking after PT. While only doing day hikes, my favorite has been a steep all uphill and downhill trip of about an hour plus. I got to doing it every other day (which was probably too often), but I let my stretching and other exercises lapse. I developed rather long and nasty sciatic pain in one leg, due most likely from the piriformis muscle putting pressure on it. Even with some extensive physical therapy and better stretching/exercising I feel like the pain is always looming in the background ready to return.

When I ran I never had this sciatic issue so I can only speculate that my post surgery mechanics have changed and I am currently susceptible to this. So now that I am considering a return to running at some level possible, I am still somewhat hesitant. I guess I will try and get my hiking to where the sciatic isn’t an issue first, along with losing some weight etc. before taking those first baby jogging steps again. After all, I quit running a long time before the surgery, so it’s been a long absence. But now through this site and these amazing stories I can at least think it’s possible.  Thanks!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)