5 years post op, lots of IT Band issues

As the title says, I’m 5 years past surgery on a left side THR (ceramic / Poly).  The joint is doing fine and I’m loving life again!  But I do have one recurring running issue and its all about my IT Bands, mostly on the surgery side but occasionally on the opposite side as well.  I’m partly thinking that maybe I should start a light weight lifting routine or something to possibly strengthen my legs and permanently fight off a seemingly never ending issue.  Wondering how others have faired with any level of weight lifting and have suggestions on painful IT bands, thank you.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

New member, here’s some 10 week post surgery details before I forget.


50 year old male, ceramic / poly hip, anterior approach.  Got my left hip replacement April 4th 2016 (the right is still original and fine).  Surgery was in the morning, could stand about 4 hours later but VERY weak.  Should have eaten more that evening but stopped at 7pm, should have grabbed something before my 12 hour window expired (highly recommend Gatorade).  No problem walking the next day.  Used a walker for 4 more days, then a cane for 2 more weeks.  Still “sort of” limped for 6 weeks, partly out of habit.

Hip history:

Had been slowing down for about 2 years now, although I have been running with a limp for 6 or so years.  X-rays over the years showed that the cartilage in my left hip had been declining over the past 10 plus years.  Doctor said that my labrum was torn, which I think I did several years ago riding dirt bikes.  That all I can attribute my cartilage loss to, doc says that it’s not possible.

Running history:

Been running regularly for a dozen or so years, mostly to stay in shape for dirt bike riding, and I consider myself a middle distance runner.  I really do like going 8 to 14 miles.  Did my first full marathon 6 years ago (3:58), preparation held me back but even then my hip was hurting.  My hip really didn’t stop me from running until last October (8 months ago), that’s when I knew it was time.  Too bad it took 6 months to get it replaced.

Getting back into running:

10 weeks since my surgery date and I haven’t run yet.  Been biking for 4 weeks and walking 2 plus miles 4 times a week for 6 weeks.  Surgeon doesn’t want me to run for 16 weeks (possibly never), but I do have a 10 mile race in September and I’m using my biking and walking to at least keep me somewhat conditioned for that.  So the 16 week “delay” isn’t great but won’t stop me.


So what’s this about needing to take an antibiotic … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)