New to site; 5 weeks post A THR

Hi all! Thanks for adding me. I am almost 5 weeks post anterior THR. I was off the walker in 3 days, cane at 2 weeks. I am healing ¬†well, riding a bike at PT for 15 mins, and was cleared to walk SLOW on Treadmill. Feels good to “painfree” My First doc appt for hip pain was in 1997, was misdiagnosed for many years and then when I got the OA diagnosis was encourage to put off THR until I was 50. So I ran in pain for about 4 years. My last 1/2 marathon was in 2013; last 10k was 2 weeks before surgery. I was told I had the hip of an “80 year old”; I have been an athlete all my life. Was an amatuer competitive Body building in my 20’s, ran through my 30’s and 40’s but got slower and slower and ran on the arthritic hip with the help of painkillers (Yes, I ran halfs taking them). Also developed a thyroid condition. Finally everything with medical insurance and employment came together and I had the anterior approach THR on May 2. Was in the OR at 7:30am, walking to my room with a walker at 10:30 am, walking stairs with a cane with a PT by 1:30pm and discharged by 3:30pm. BUT OMG when the spinal block wore off that first night I felt like I was hit with a baseball bat. I got sick from the morphine too. The first week was hell, but a nurse and PT came to my house every other day and my husband was off from work taking amazing care of me. week 2 I felt human again and every day got better and better. Beginning of Week 3 I went back to work part time and also was fortunate to be able to work from home. I was able to drive to my closest office 20 mins away and by week 4 was back to work full time. I am so hopeful to be able to “run” again, my surgeon does not recommend it. He wants me … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)