Leg Length Disorder – New Member

Hello  РNew to the forum. One week removed from TRH replacement. Life long soccer player, 55 years, male. So began walking today, short distance, using a cane (for balance mostly). Still dealing with plenty of swelling. Biggest concern is the sensation that my leg (right) feels longer than the left. This condition is supposedly mental (as the quad and glute muscles are traumatized). When i stand still i feel right, but when i walk it feels as if my repaired leg is too long. Anyone else experience this? I have a post op with my doc in about 10 days, so i will discuss this directly with him. Funny since for the 3 years i was suffering, my r-leg was clearly shorter.

Cheers – Jon vdB


New Member – A little bit of history, in case it helps. I began having r-hip difficulty 3 years ago. Soccer games became work, and the quality of the fields determined my contribution – hard ground meant zero playing time. I had always been a runner as a means to compete on the soccer field. Living in Northern California (Silicon Valley) we are blessed with an expansive network of mountain trails. So i ran trails, steady climber, speedy downhill. It was the downhill exertion that ultimately did in my hip. Having R-foot plantar fascitis, and r-knee scope also contributed to the hip deteoriation. I am 6’2″ and 200 lbs, so was never a rabbit on the trails, but more of a goat. Never ran for time, just for cardio and weight control. Once i had to give up all this, i was still able to hit the gym (precor, elyptical, escalator, weights, and even some easy shuttle running on the gym floor). I put off the THR because i was afraid that if something did not work right, i would have to give up this gym time. Eventually i concluded that the overall body compensation i had been doing was effecting my l-ankle, l-knee, and lower back. So i weighed the options and concluded one hip procedure is better then ankle, knee, … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)