Almost 4 months now….

Well, it’s been 6 days shy of 4 months. some days are better than others – mostly ‘how much did I sit on my butt’ vs ‘how much exercise did I get?’ Still obviously healing – well, it’s obvious to me, I have always paid close attention to what my body is telling me. Got another 4 mile run/walk in this afternoon with the dog. I wasn’t feeling great (too much work, not enough exercise) so I didn’t push. Last week I got in a 5k at 34 minutes. That may not sound like much to the ‘real’ runners out there, but even fairly fit pushing my 216 lb frame around takes a lot of work! Best part is the times are coming down, and it’s faster than the St Paddy’s day race I ran before surgery. Best part is it doesn’t really hurt the next day the way it did 2 months ago. But remember to start out slow!

I’m far off my PR of 24 minutes for a 5k, but I can start adding some miles which will also get rid of extra weight. My goal is another 31 lbs so I can go back to the wrestling veterans national championships next spring at 185. If I’m not ready I will wait a year, I can be patient when necessary. And in the meantime I can run.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

6 weeks out….

I guess I have it easier than some. 6 1/2 weeks out from surgery and I got a little impatient with the treadmill and last night decided it was time to move up to jogging. Carefully. A tenth at a time, with walking in between. With my 5 fingers. It felt great. I managed an entire half mile of light run out of a 2 mile treadmill walk followed by a bit of hot tub action.

I won’t lie, my surgery side glute was sore overnight, but today just feels tired. The only issue while running was some stability, some of the minor muscles are out of shape and got tired. No other fallout except that my knees feel great for the first time since surgery. They have ALWAYS ached from lack of running since high school, no one knows why but I suspect the cartilage needs the workout as much as everything else. I’ll try to walk a bit today, stretch and maybe hit the hot tub again. I’m weeks or months ahead of where they expected I would be, so no sense being stupid.

Oh, the shoes. I discovered 5 fingers about, oh, 5 years ago when I had a bit of outer knee pain after about 6 miles or so. Figured out the heel platform was causing a side thrust, and as I ran barefoot as a kid it seemed like a natural decision. Previously I tried the Nike Free, and while they felt great for about 300 miles they didn’t solve the heel strike and wore out too fast. (Hint: with no foam midsole 5 fingers wear out when you wear through them.) It took time to transition but I actually run faster in them. No lateral knee pain either, and I discovered that it is almost impossible to turn an ankle in one – most sprained ankles are caused by wearing shoes! But be warned, it looks like barefoot isn’t for everyone, and like I said it takes time to build up feet to carry the full load. Mine are close to wearing out, but … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Randy – Status

About to enter week 4 and the change has been remarkable! I am still stiff and sore, but some careful stretching, heat/cold and of course P.T. have me able to reach my left foot again and after last night’s session I was able to dance out of the office without the cane. (Please, don’t ask me to actually dance. No rhythm, no grace. Really.) My therapist was, shall we say amused, slightly disgusted and a bit proud of the rapid progress. I should leave the cane behind in a few weeks for good and will be practicing to use all those important secondary muscles.

I expect to try a BIT of very slow jogging in a month – nothing more than a tenth, walk a tenth, jog a tenth for a few cycles, then see how it feels the next day. The one thing I picked up from others here and elsewhere was GO SLOW to prevent problems. I tried a bit of light water running over the weekend – just 4 laps of the pool, as much floating as  ‘running’. Very sore hamstrings were the result. Who knew that recovery meant rebuilding muscles that were fine just a month ago? Other than that it was fine. Swimming didn’t go as well as I really only do breaststroke, and the frog kick is a bit much just yet.

While recovering may I suggest using  a treadmill? It’s not as nice as a walk in the park, but it really helps to straighten out and walk correctly, with zero chance of falling. Pace it slower than you might think, 3-3.5 mph so you can get those muscles used to working again. And get used to sore muscles during recovery. Just avoid sitting too much, it really cramps things up.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Greetings to all!

Hi fellow hip runners!

I’m just 2 weeks out after a L THR, anterior approach with robotic assistance and Cr/Cr appliance. My surgeon was a little disgusted that I had run 5k the day before surgery, but as running didn’t hurt I thought one last one would help recovery. He said the ball had become cone-shaped, and was one of the worst he had seen. They let me out the day after and recovery has been rapid, so running may have helped. I did wait to try walking distance until after the first week, kept icing when needed and used support stockings to prevent leg swell, which previous injuries have convinced me is essential to recovery. I was careful to ask EXACTLY what limitations to observe, and other than not pushing too fast and avoid falling at all costs it was mostly ‘treat it like a broken leg, and be careful for 6 weeks’. He did mention a surgical glue was used to adhere the appliance to the bone which aides in initial fusion integrity, but no sense in pushing it.

I am up to managing 2 miles without difficulty and put the walker away for daily use, a cane seems to work OK. My wife has a pair of hiking sticks that work even better for distance as long as I have free hands, but I have decided to do more treadmill work for now. It may be dull with the beautiful weather outside, but there’s no risk of falling. I am using my last pair of almost new traditional running shoes for walking, but when I go back to running will return to my beloved five fingers. I am a heel striker from way back unless barefoot, and while it seems counter intuitive the stride change while barefoot is amazing. I used to kick my shoes off for the last few miles on long races anyway, it just felt better – and cut 2 minutes/mile off my times, which were nothing to brag about. The important thing is my stride quickens and shortens, I run on the mid … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)