One week post op

I found this site after being told that running is not a good idea after hip replacement and wanted to get info/feedback from others in a similar situation. I was a casual runner (i.e. ran for fun and an occasional 5K) but had been doing longer runs 5-7 miles before it became to painful to run at all. I had my left hip replaced on 1/6/16 and was amazed at how well it went. I had pretty high expectations but reality greatly surpassed them. I was walking around the hospital floor without putting any weight on the walker six hours after surgery. One week after surgery I went for a three mile walk (took cane with me as a precaution) in my neighborhood which is pretty hilly. I am still on the pain killers they prescribed but can go up to four hours after they have worn off without too much discomfort. Looking forward to getting the other hip done and hoping it goes as well. Also pretty optimistic about doing some running down the road. Just want to be sure that I am not drastically shortening the life of my new found hips. Thanks, Marc (Peglegs) … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)