athhalf this sunday,run or lay low

healing from stress fracture on top of foot 6 wks post. have not tried to run last 2 wks. was looking to set new pr on this race but now not sure if i can even run it. Its been hard not running and thoughts of further injure would be bad for my state of mind, not attending this race with friends not good ether. any thoughts on when you just do it and hope for the best, and run stronger on next one.the distance i don’t have a problem with it not beating last years time. opinion’s please. thanks eric… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

new pr on half marithon

Just finished 3rd in age group and a PR post THR. the course was not kind to my hip but in all pleased with 1:51  finish. I ran hard thru the week working on cardeo. got some new shoes, going with less cushioning and tried to focus on  good form.Things i read in “Running with a Hipp Replacement” things do get better with time, its a hard concept to follow when all you want to do is go go go. Rest couple days and may try another half Saturday, lot flatter course i hope. hoping to put the miles on these shoes and hope they hold up like my Brooks shoes have. To all stay the course it will get better each time, maybe a step back here and there but forward we go.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Do I need new shoes ?

Im back to 3 6mile runes a week now. i tried a pair of Hoke one at a group run and they made a big difference in my down hill runs. Since THR running down hill has given me a little problem, i was told that the Hoke one where good for people that may need a little more cushion while running. Is it in my mind that i ned to slow down while running down hill? did the Hoke one help ? are there other shoes i should look at? I enjoy my Brooks shoes and really don’t want to change brands but for a better running experience i would.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

finished first half marathon with no problems

Was a little worried about running 13 miles and not getting the time i had before THR. did not sleep well just thinking about what might go wrong. Heart rate up before the start, had i stretched properly , my mind was running faster than i could ever go. Said to my self finish,finish finish and pace my self from the start. as Dave Whiteside told me around 8 miles he felt  his hip, my 8 mile was a long down hill and i felt it. then a climb up down up down to the finish. missed my mark a little but finished with little to no pain. iced when i got home and we will see how the next few days go. Got a 5k on saturday which will keep me some what rested for a week. So all that said i feel that running is back on track. And as everyone says give it time and push forward. Thanks for the support.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

first half marathon since THR

I have a half marathon in athens Ga on sunday. First since replacement my mind is ready but my leg still has a few issue’s. have been pushing to get my pace back to 7 mim/mile but i don’t fell that i can run 13 that fast and finish. now i’m confronted with slowing down and that not what if done for the past 11 mth. go slow and finish strong i guess? Any hip runners i can look up around athens ga?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)