Today is the day!

Hi Everyone,


I enjoy reading everyone’s posts about recovery and getting back to running.  My story won’t be a lot different, I’m sure.  When I was 41, in 2013, I started having hip pain which I associated with a sore hip flexor while training for an upcoming half marathon.  It never hurt during a run, only afterwards and I could not run two days in a row.

After the race, I went to my favorite sports med doc and it took him 15 seconds to figure out that the pain was not muscular, but bone.  Five orthopods later trying to find an alternative to THR and being told the same thing “stop running, wait as long as you can” I find myself going in for the THR today (Nov 17, 2015).

I had trouble not running, so I took the opportunity in 2014 to have my knee scoped and get that cleaned up.  The 3-6 weeks I was required not to run after that surgery was enough for me to stop running altogether.  It’s been 18 months now and while I miss the running, I physically can not run.  I decided it was time to replace the hip when I realized I can’t play with my kids, let alone chase them into the street!  (I have 4 all 8 and under).


I do understand the short term risks of running too soon after surgery and the long terms effects of the parts wearing down; but I do look forward to getting back on the streets in a few months!


All the best to you and your recoveries and adventures.

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