Too young to have had a THR refuse to give up

Hello everyone this is my first post here I’m  27 years old and almost a year ago I have a THR. I was diagnosed with degenerative hip disease. Which I delt with for many years because I delt with it for so long I wore away all the cartilage and developed two bone spurs. My hip was basically locked in one position the bone spurs didn’t allow any range of motion I had to have my wife put my right sock and shoe on because I couldn’t bend over that far. Now I’ve had my hip replaced and I feel great I’ve been back into the gym back to playing sports back to living life the way I shou ld be. It’s always been a dream of mine to become a cop but due to my hip it was impossible because I wouldn’t have been able to meet the demands physically. However now I know I can make it threw. I expressed this dream with my surgeon and he was not very supportive due to the running aspect. I have ran on my new hip and it feels ok I would like to hear from people with hip replacements who run how bad is running on a hip replacement in the academy they usually run 1-4 miles 3 days a week usually 2-3 miles. I know running will wear the joint out faster but I’m 27 my activity level alone will wear it out faster my doctor was explaining to me that the ceramic socket could explode while running ( probably an extreme case but it scared me. So who runs ? Should I go for it? Or is the demand of an police academy too much . Ps I had my surgery in September 2014 in January of 2015 I passed my first police Physcial agility test including a 1.5 mile run. Now a whole year later I’m much stronger.




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