Stretches after running/walking 4 months post THR MP

I know this will sound like a silly question but after I do strenuous activity I am now unsure of what stretches are safe for a person to do as to not dislocate…..  I was all ready to do the same old stretches I did after my marathons…. and ((after a very brisk 3 mile walk,  as I am training to walk a half marathon before starting to run again))…  ….  My muscles were very tight as I havnt been active….  I am 4 months post op THR…  I stopped myself and thought   WOW!  What stretches can I do?    Any help much appreciated!  😉


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Hi there! New to HipRunner….

I am a 59 year young 4 month post op THR gal who wants desperately to return to running…. I did have a long waiting time before surgery hobbling about in pain a few years so lost all the muscle I had gained from the running etc…. Am now training to walk a half marathon…. I never thought I would say (walking a half) but I have been returning to couch potato mode since PT was finished and Doc preferred me to not run…. So …a story of pouting lol .. Anyway … Am hoping to get back to some form of running as it is my love…. I have been reading a few posts and am noticing that most people on here have had the ceramic implant…. I didnt do my homework previous to surgery…. Are there any others on here that have had Metal-on-plastic (polyethylene) with Titanium done and have had success in returning to running? I don’t even know if I am posting this in the proper place so please bare with me till I figure out the site? Thanks Tons for any help! xo Nancy(Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)