THR details for runners


I had a THR on my right hip at age 61 in Jan 2015, at the Miriam hospital in RI. The procedure was the direct anterior approach, and the implant was a dePuy Tri-lock ( monoblock) with ceramic ball and plastic liner in the acetabular socket. I had originally asked for the Omni Arc (modular)  neck- conserving implant with ceramic on ceramic bearing surfaces, but  modular implants are now facing issues related to fretting –corrosion and the surgeon would not use  a ceramic –ceramic bearing pair on anyone older than 35 yrs old.  I used to run long distance until age 58, when the arthritic pain become unbearable when running.

I was walking without a cane after 1 week and returned to work ( desk job) at that time, with no formal PT. I was off the 2-aspirin a day ( for avoidance of blood clots) after 1 month, and only needed the oxycontin pain meds for the first 3 days following surgery.
Bicycling , walking and use of the elliptical at the gym are my current leg exercises, and I can also jog on the treadmill. I will likely begin jogging on dirt roadways (“ barefoot” ?) next year, but such jogging will supposedly accelerate the fatigue wear of the plastic acetabular liner. Looking back, the better choice for future running would have been a monoblock short stem ( neck conserving) implant with ceramic on ceramic bearings , and I should not have had the operation at a teaching hospital . Oh well. Maybe after the next reincarnation.
Regarding running after a THR, my understanding of the factors that can minimize the damage to the bone and the liner are:
-“barefoot” running on dirt tracks has lower shock loading than using cushioned running shoes on pavement
-the neck conserving implants provide better load distribution to the femur
-plastic acetabular liners have a long erosive wear life but are limited in their fatigue life, and fatigue life is exponentially reduced if you are overweight or impose shock loads , as with jogging. The current use of vitamin E within … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)