Advice on starting out on a return to running

About 1 year out from THR and starting to run again.  Doctor understands the need to run occasionally but didn’t endorse anything over the occasion few miles.


i ran yesterday and was fine at 11 min/mile for 1.5 miles.  Plenty of cardio lest and legs felt fine.  My goal is to get to around a 7 min/mile pace for just 3-5 miles.  Nothing faster or longer.


Considering my goal (by October) looking for advice on whether you guys would suggest 1) increasing distance or 2)increasing pace.  In addition, how much at a time, does the 10% increase of mileage per session still apply.?  What about speed increases?


thanks guys.  I’m rather heavy for a runner at 185 lbs and could stand to lose 15 to get rid of the pudding around my waist.  Don’t want to destroy the THR, so also using calisethics, the elliptical, and soon will be swimming to get the weight down although there is a bowl of empty ice cream next to me as I type this.  And an empty pizza box.  And two empty beers.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)