How to start running again

I am coming up on my 12 week post op anniversary for my right THR. I had the left done 3 years ago and had en excellent result and recovery. As far as the right hip goes, I am still having some pain at night, slight discomfort ascending stairs, and some reduced ROM and strength. Very different from my experience with the left hip, at 12 weeks it felt like nothing had happened and I promptly went out for a short run and ramped up to 5k in a month. I booked 6 weeks with a personal trainer to work on the ROM and strength training, but I am curious how people reintroduce running after THR, especially with some residual issues. Thanks!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)


4 weeks post right THR. Had the left done 3 years ago. Having significant issues with sleep this time around. Lots of tossing and turning and can get maybe 2 hours uninterrupted sleep. I start with an ice pack, then take 1000 mg of tylenol if ice does not work. Then tramodol if the tylenol does not work. Have tried melatonin. Doc prescribed gabapentin for nerve pain but that has no effect. Twice this week I have resorted to 5mg of oxycodone in the middle of the night which gives me 4 hours of sleep. But I am just about done with that prescription. Pain during the day is fine, not taking any meds. Walking shorter distances and getting around work and home without a cane. Averaging about 4.5 miles total per day, and my long walks are over a mile long. Starting to get really frustrated with the sleep disturbance, anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

First Run Post THR

So I bought a new pair of running shoes today in anticipation of my 12 week anniversary Monday and HAD to break them in with a short (.5 mile) run. Felt good enough that I got the dog and did it again right away. I do feel like I am dipping towards my right leg (THR on left). I have moderate/severe arthritis in that joint as well but it has mostly been pain-free. The left felt good and solid. My question is: has anyone else felt an uneven gait when starting to run post-op? If so, any suggestions? I have been walking, biking and doing yoga since surgery. Thanks!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

12 Day Post Op

I had a THR on my left hip May 18th. Home the same day! Hardest part was the 18 steps up to the bedroom. Progressed to the cane the morning of May 20th, and was feeling pretty cocky. Steadily increased my walking from .25 to 1 mile over 6 days (the PT exercises leave much t be desired) and felt much better than I had expected. I returned to work on May 26, an hour commute each way. I am a studio photographer, and made modifications to the studio and set to minimize time spent on my feet. I felt GREAT! Until about 4:45. By the time I got home, I had significant pain when weight bearing. Seems I had logged 1.5 miles in a 10.5 hour day. Weds and Thurs I worked half days and broke out the walker again (which helps significantly but I feel like I am backtracking). Worked from home Fri and now, on Sat, am still experiencing elevated pain. Taking Tramadol 2x during the day, and Oxycodone 1x at bedtime. Surgeon’s office says increased pain in the second week of recovery is common, and I may have overdone it at work. Told to apply ice. Anyone experience a backslide a week into recovery?

A bit of advice for those getting ready for surgery. Fill you prescriptions for narcotics at the hospital pharmacy. We tried to fill the script at our local pharmacy, and had call around to find a pharmacy that was able to fill it, it took 2 hours. I did not think filling the script would be a problem, but of course it makes perfect sense with the abuse issues.


Really glad I found this site! It was instrumental in deciding to proceed with my surgery!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)