Conditioning plan

Hi All

Long time since I posted here.  45 years of age with LTHR back in Feb 17.  I’m booked in to get my right done in July but would expect that to be put off under current circumstances.

I still haven’t gone back running yet since surgery for a number of reasons but hoping to kick on now.  Second hip isn’t too bad at the moment so thinking of deferring surgery until summer 2021.

I’ve a young family so at the moment I try to do 30 mins of exercise in the evening when the kids are gone to bed.  I’m currently trying to alternate foam rolling and yoga one night to strength and conditioning the next.  I’ve done the usual clams, donkey kicks, wall squats, etc to build up the strength but just wondering would anyone have any suggestions to really maximise the 30 min window?  Joining a gym isn’t an option but open to the idea of using weights or kettle bells if necessary.

Alternatively am I better to do longer sessions but less frequently?  (3-4 times a week).  I’m hoping I could get back to do some 5ks before getting the right hip done.  At the moment I don’t feel I have the lower body strength that I’d be comfortable running any kind of distance.

Any suggestions much appreciated.






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6.5 Weeks Post Op

Hi All.  Had my left hip replaced on Feb 9th (Posterior approach).  All went well.  Doc put a couple of screws in to secure the cup.  The physio tried to get me walking the next day and I fainted! (Luckily back on to the bed).  I was able to walk around the bed though later.

6 and a half weeks out and I’m getting there slowly.  I’ve been doing my exercises 3 times a day, attending PT sessions weekly and have added resistance bands into the equation now too.

I was back with the doc last Thursday, and he’s happy how everything looks.  However my op leg is still shorter than the other.  I’m off the crutches but still have a significant limp.  In his words though my hip was ‘spectacularly bad’.  I still can’t drive as I just don’t have the power in the leg yet.  He said I could use a stationary bike so have been using it for just 5 minutes a day trying to build up the mobility.

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Getting ready for op

Hi All

Finally have a date for surgery (Feb 9th). I was initially scheduled for September 22nd but my surgeon had a health scare (thankfully he’s on the mend now) and had to cancel.

Nervous and excited at the same time, I’ve two small kids (a two year old and a ten month old) at home so worried about the pressure my wife will be under for the first few weeks and the fact I won’t be able to lift them. Not sure how long before I can lift them?

I’m looking forward to throwing myself into rehab and getting back running. The doc supports me going back running (although we didn’t go into details of exactly how much!) Left hip is totally gone at this stage. at 42 he told me I’ve done well getting this far and that the joint is nearly starting to fuse at this stage. I’ve probably less than 5 years life left in the right hip too.

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DarrenO first post – Ceramic or plastic??

Hi All

I’m 40 years old and have finally accepted my fate! I need a new left hip.
I’m hoping to make a return to running (maybe not the marathons of before but hopefully 10ks?)

I’ve been to see a consultant in recent weeks who has suggested I might be able to get back to short distances. He actually suggested that sprint triathlons might be the way to go. I think he was secretly being very conservative as he suggested that many patients feel so good post op that they tend to overdo it.

He has suggested ceramic on plastic for me but now after a lot of research I’m wondering is ceramic on ceramic a better option for my running ambitions? It would be great to hear other people’s opinions and experiences on this?

Thanks in advance

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